Beaufort Robbery Lawyer

Common law describes robbery as taking property from a person by force or the threat of it. Charges depend on whether the defendant allegedly had a weapon or threatened someone.

Robbery of any type is a severe crime with substantial consequences. If you are facing a conviction, you should prepare to defend your rights and innocence. If the criminal court finds you guilty, you could face steep penalties, including fines and a lengthy prison sentence.

If you face these serious charges, it is highly advised to reach out to a skilled Beaufort robbery lawyer. A competent theft attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could help you build a solid defense and advocate on your behalf.

Strong-Armed Robbery in Beaufort

Common law, or strong-armed, robbery occurs if a person takes property from another by use of threat. In a strong-armed robbery, the defendant commits the crime without using a deadly weapon. Instead, they use intimidation or threat to take the property against the other party’s will.

If the criminal court finds that the defendant guilty of strong-armed robbery, they receive a felony on their permanent criminal record and face fifteen years in prison. A strong-armed robbery attorney in Beaufort could complete a thorough investigation needed to build a solid defense.

Robbery and Attempted Robbery with a Deadly Weapon

Under the South Carolina Code of Laws § 16-11-330, the state can charge an individual with robbery or attempted robbery if they use a deadly weapon. They can face these charges if they pretend, or the other person believes, they have a deadly weapon. Deadly weapons include guns, knives, razors, brass knuckles, slingshots, or anything used to cause harm.

For a conviction, the state prosecutor must prove two elements. The first is that the accused defendant committed or attempted to commit robbery. The second element is that they used a deadly weapon, pretended to be armed, or the claimant had good reason to believe they had a deadly weapon. A dedicated Beaufort attorney could help someone refute the prosecution’s claims and protect the innocence of the defendant.

Penalties for a Robbery Conviction

If the criminal court finds the defendant guilty, they receive a felony on their permanent record and serve a prison sentence of up to 30 years. If the court finds them guilty of attempted robbery, they will receive a felony on their criminal record and serve up to twenty years behind bars. An armed robbery attorney in Beaufort could go over the state code and potential defenses to fight against these charges.

Call an Experienced Robbery Attorney in Beaufort Today

A robbery conviction of any type can lead to severe and life-altering consequences. A solid defense against robbery charges includes having an extensive investigation and review, witness interviews, and expert testimony.

It is essential to have a knowledgeable Beaufort robbery lawyer on your side. A well-versed Schiller & Hamilton attorney could fight to defend your rights. If you face these charges, call our office soon to schedule an initial consultation. The sooner you get to work preparing your defense, the better chance you have at a favorable outcome.

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