Beaufort High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

Property division is some of the most common disputes during divorce cases. These issues can be especially complex if a separating couple shares substantial belongings. From real estate to investments, resolving these conflicts could be simplified with the help of a Beaufort high-asset divorce lawyer.

While the same law applies to high-asset separations as a marriage dissolution with standard assets, it is important to understand these cases could be more complex. A skilled divorce attorney could help you prepare for what to expect during your high-asset separation.

Splitting High Value Property in a Beaufort Divorce

Just like with any separation, there are property division issues in divorce cases with high value marital property. These disputes are often contentious given the high financial stakes, and a Beaufort attorney could help a divorcing spouse fight for fair distribution of marital belongings.

Equitable Distribution Laws

Judges in a local divorce case are bound by something known as “equitable distribution” laws. Under equitable distribution, the court must divide marital property in a way that is fair. In some cases, this distribution could see property divided equally between both parties, however, the court could distribute the assets unevenly if that is the fair outcome.

Influencing Factors in a Judge’s Decision

The court must consider a variety of factors when dividing marital property in a high-asset divorce. A judge takes into account how long the couple was married as well as the age of each spouse. Another important factor is the overall value of the marital estate.

The court has the power to take into account any marital misconduct on either side. If there are instances of infidelity or abuse, it could factor into the court’s decision regarding property division. The judge will also weigh other issues include child support or alimony.

Challenges in a High-Asset Separation

The rules regarding property division might be the same in these cases, but there are some unique challenges in a high value separation. These challenges could include evaluating rare belongings or determining control of closely held businesses. A Beaufort valuable asset attorney could help a couple ending their marriage overcome these challenges.

Evaluating High Value Possessions

Appraising the value of some belongings is commonplace during the divorce process. While there are countless appraisers that could estimate the value of real estate, some high value property are not so easy to put a price on. It could be challenging to determine the fair value for rare art, wine collections, or other high value belongings. These evaluations would likely require the help of specialized experts.

Determining Control of Closely Held Businesses

A separation could be disastrous for a closely held business. Some businesses cannot survive having their assets split, so developing a plan that takes the survival of these businesses into account could be challenging.

Resolving Martial Agreement Disputes

It is not uncommon for couples with substantial belongings to execute marital agreements. These could be prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. The terms of these agreements could play an important role in determining how property is divided during a high-asset divorce.

Learn How a Beaufort High-Asset Divorce Attorney Could Help

If you are facing the prospect of a high-asset separation, it is vital that you protect your legal rights. The right attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could help you secure a fair distribution of belongings during the process.

Let a Beaufort high-asset divorce lawyer serve as your advocate during the dissolution of your marriage. Call right away for a confidential consultation.

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