Beaufort Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

Given the high speed and the incredible force behind a head-on collision, the injuries resulting from these accidents can be life-altering. Fortunately, the legal system allows accident victims to seek fair payment from the at-fault party.

A Beaufort front-end car accident lawyer could review the facts of your accident, identifying the responsible party, and seek monetary compensation from them through litigation. To learn more, call Schiller & Hamilton for a free case evaluation today.

What Are Front-End Car Accidents?

A front-end accident is any collision that may result in damage to the front of a driver’s car. In most cases, however, the term typically relates to collisions that involve both vehicles running into each other head-on.

In many cases, liability will depend on the legal theory known as “right-of-way.” The rules of the road determine which vehicle has the right of way in any given situation, and all other cars must make way for them. If a driver drifts across the center line into oncoming traffic and causes a wreck, they are likely legally responsible for the accident and any resulting injuries.

The failure to abide by the right of way is not the only way to establish liability in a front-end crash. If a driver otherwise violates the rules of the road, they could face responsibility for any crash they cause. Common examples include illegal passing and reckless driving. Regardless of the basis of the claim, a Beaufort front-end crash attorney might be able to help the plaintiff determine who was at fault.

Damages in Front-End Accident Lawsuits

The losses following a front-end crash can be severe, especially when they occur in a head-on collision. In addition to serious physical injuries, an accident could lead to steep financial or psychological damages as well. Some of the damages commonly sought in a Beaufort front-end car crash lawsuit include:

Are Medical Bills Eligible for Compensation in Beaufort Front-End Accidents?

Medical bills can make up the majority of a front-end crash claim. The injuries resulting from a front-end crash are often catastrophic and could lead to overwhelming medical expenses. These damages could compensate a plaintiff for the cost of their emergency room care, follow-up visits, physical therapy, and any other expenses directly related to the injuries.

Vehicle Repair Bills

A driver’s body is not the only thing harmed in a front-end crash. In most cases, the injury victim’s vehicle also sustains major damage. A plaintiff in a front-end crash lawsuit could pursue the damages necessary to pay for the repair or replacement of the vehicle.

Lost Wages

If an injury victim misses work after a front-end crash, they could also seek monetary compensation for any paychecks they missed while recovering from their injuries. In the event of a permanent disability, they could also pursue payment for lost earning capacity.

Contact a Beaufort Front-End Car Accident Attorney Right Away

Any car accident can lead to serious consequences. However, few crashes carry the same danger as a head-on collision. The potential for massive injury and property damage could change your life forever.

If you are considering an injury suit related to a front-end crash, you have the right to skilled legal counsel. To discuss your options, contact a Beaufort front-end car accident lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton.

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