Beaufort Highway Car Accident Lawyer

Getting behind the wheel of a car in Beaufort carries certain risks under any circumstance. Motor vehicle accidents could lead to serious injuries, costly car repair bills, and even lifelong emotional consequences. These consequences are often amplified when the accident occurs on a highway.

Highway car accidents have the potential to be severe due to the high speed the cars commonly travel at. In many cases, the speed limit is as much as 70 miles per hour. When a driver loses control while traveling at high speed, the injuries could be far more severe than in another type of accident.

If you are involved in a highway automobile crash, you could benefit from a discussion with a skilled car accident attorney. A Beaufort highway car accident lawyer could have the experience and skill necessary for you to prevail in your claim.

Common Injuries in a Highway Car Accident

The injuries that occur in a highway car accident can impact any part of the body. No two collisions are the same, and the resulting injuries can vary dramatically. While some of these conditions may heal over time, many of these injuries could have a permanent effect. Some injuries common to highway car accidents might include:

• Broken vertebrae
Head trauma
Severe burns
• Cuts and bruises
• Broken bones
• Sprained ligaments
• Internal bleeding

The amount of time necessary to recover from these injuries could vary. While broken bones and lacerations will heal over time, paralysis and head trauma could last forever. Injuries like severe burns could increase the likelihood of other health concerns in the future, including an increased risk of infection. A Beaufort resident involved in a highway car accident should discuss every aspect of their injuries with their attorney. By informing their legal counsel of their condition, they are more likely to obtain compensation for both past and future medical needs.

Resolving a Highway Car Accident Claim

While there are multiple ways a highway car accident claim might play out, a knowledgeable Beaufort attorney has two primary paths to obtain a favorable outcome. The first option is to negotiate a favorable settlement with the at-fault party or their insurance company. The second is to obtain a verdict at trial.

Settling an injury claim following a highway car accident is not a simple matter. Insurance companies and defense attorneys will work tirelessly to reduce the defendant’s degree of liability. They will take every effort to reduce the amount a claim is worth or even avoid paying the claim entirely. It is vital an attorney build a strong case prior to entering into these negotiations. By developing a theory of the case, and compiling evidence to support the claim, obtaining a favorable settlement offer could be possible.

Some cases will never settlement, no matter an attorney’s degree of preparation. When settlement is not an option, a trial court will decide the outcome of a highway car accident claim. If a plaintiff wins at trial, the court will enter a judgment for the amount of damages proven by the evidence.

Contact a Beaufort Highway Car Accident Attorney Today

Getting the most out of a highway car accident injury claim can be a challenge. The other driver could have insurance and the attorneys that come with those policies. Thankfully, you do not have to face them alone.

A Beaufort highway car accident lawyer could help you take on the other driver and win. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to learn more about how an attorney could help.

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