Beaufort Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

A significant number of vehicle collisions in Beaufort occur in parking lots. While these accidents often occur at low speeds, they can still result in serious injury. Parking lot accidents often occur when a driver least expects it, which could make the injuries worse.

If you were hurt in a parking lot crash due to another driver’s careless or reckless behavior, call a personal injury attorney right away. A skilled Beaufort parking lot accident lawyer could review your case and guide you towards maximizing your monetary recovery.

Types of Damage in a Parking Lot Accident

Most parking lot collisions occur at relatively low spends. This does not mean they are inconsequential, however. Even at low speeds, a car accident can lead to significant bodily injuries or property damage. It is the role of a Beaufort parking lot accident attorney to identify the severity of any injury as well as its cause.

Parking lot accidents can result in damage to virtually any part of the car. These collisions regularly result in fender or body damage, but it is not uncommon for a parking lot crash to result in busted tail lights or stuck doors. A Beaufort parking lot crash attorney could seek to recover monetary compensation for the damage done to their client’s vehicle.

Bodily injuries are another unfortunate part of many parking lot accidents. While these impacts are rarely at high speeds, even a minor collision can lead to significant injuries to the neck, head, or spine. They may also result in aggravation of a pre-existing injury.

Determining Fault in a Parking Lot Accident

While identifying the responsible party in a vehicle crash is rarely easy, the process is especially complex after a parking lot accident. While the positioning of the vehicles in a roadway will often give clues regarding who had the right of way, the facts are not as clear in a parking lot. In many cases, they lack traffic signs or markers, making it a challenge to identify the right of way.

Documentation in a parking lot collision is often limited. While law enforcement typically responds to accidents on public roads, they do not always appear at the scene of a collision on private property. Without a police report, the work of investigating a claim falls on the plaintiff and their Beaufort parking lot accident lawyer.

The Right of Way

Liability in a parking lot case often boils down to which vehicle had the right of way. The right of way determines which car is entitled to proceed when two vehicles are entering the same area. Generally speaking, a vehicle that is established in an aisle has the right of way compared to a vehicle pulling out of a parking space. However, other factors could put the blame on the driver established in the lane. If a driver is intoxicated or traveling at high speeds, a jury may find them to be responsible for the collision.

Call a Beaufort Parking Lot Accident Attorney

If you suffered an injury in a parking lot accident, you have the right to pursue litigation on your behalf. However, these cases are particularly challenging, especially when there are no independent witnesses to verify your side of the story.

A Beaufort parking lot accident lawyer could work with you to maximize your financial recovery from an injury lawsuit. If you are ready to get started, call Schiller & Hamilton right away.

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