Beaufort Texting While Driving Car Accident Lawyer

According to the CDC, roughly nine people die and over 1,000 are injured in the United States every day due to a distracted driver. Many of those cases involved the use of a mobile phone while behind the wheel. Given the prevalence of cell phones, texting and driving is a major threat on Beaufort roadways.

If you sustained an injury in a crash caused by a texting driver, you have the right to seek monetary compensation through a lawsuit. While the process can be long and challenging, a Beaufort texting while driving car accident attorney could help you take the first steps. To get started, reach out to a skilled injury attorney right away.

Is Texting While Driving Against the Law in Beaufort?

While South Carolina has a law against cellphone use while driving, it is weak compared to the restrictions put in place by many other states. The state bans texting, instant message, using social media, or e-mailing while behind the wheel. The law applies to the use of mobile phones, tablets, or other handheld devices.

However, not every use of a handheld device is outlawed. State law still allows for talking on a mobile phone while driving. While the fine for texting while driving is small, a Beaufort distracted driver crash attorney may be able to use a conviction as evidence that the texting driver was responsible for the crash.

What Are The Risks of Texting While Driving?

While any form of distracted driving is dangerous, texting while driving is particularly risky because it combines three types of distraction. Texting is a manual distraction because it requires a driver to take one hand off the wheel to operate the mobile device. Texting is also visually distracting, given it requires a driver to take their eyes off the road to read and respond to a text. Finally, it is also a cognitive distraction. A driver should concentrate on the road and the traffic surrounding them. When their mind is on a text message, however, this mental distraction could lead to a crash.

Damages in a Texting While Driving Case

There are countless ways a texting while driving-related crash could result in bodily injury or property damage. Some of the damages commonly sought by a Beaufort texting while diving car accident attorney include:

Medical Bills

Medical bills are a common factor in many texting while driving accidents. Distracted drivers are more likely than attentive drivers to swerve into the wrong lane or strike a fixed object a high rate of speed. These accidents commonly lead to significant medical bills, which a Beaufort texting while driving car accident lawyer could pursue in a lawsuit.

Lost Wages

It is not unusual for the victim of a vehicle accident to miss work due to injury. When missed work results in lost wages, a Beaufort texting while driving car accident lawyer could pursue compensation on the victim’s behalf.

Property Damage

Cars rarely come out of accidents unscathed. Following a collision with a texting driver, a plaintiff can seek damages for the cost to repair or replace their vehicle.

Contact a Beaufort Texting While Driving Car Accident Attorney Right Away

Distracted drivers pose a serious threat on Beaufort roads and highways. If you sustained an injury as a result of a texting driver, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

Your best option to pursue the compensation you deserve is through a personal injury action. Contact a Beaufort texting while driving car accident lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton today to learn more.

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