Beaufort Paralysis Injury Lawyer

It can be a struggle to live with any serious bodily injury. However, an injury to the spine can be especially problematic due to the sensitive nerve tissue it contains. Furthermore, because nerve tissue does not repair itself like most other types of tissue, the paralysis associated with a neck injury can be permanent.

If your paralyzing injury was the fault of someone else, a Beaufort paralysis injury lawyer might be able to help. Contacting a qualified catastrophic injury attorney from Schiller & Hamilton could be the best way to determine what legal options are available to you.

What Is Paralysis?

The inability to feel or move a body part is known as paralysis. While other medical issues can lead to paralysis, by far the most common are related to spinal injuries.

Paralysis can happen in a few ways. In many cases, damage to the brain prevents it from adequately relaying signals to a body part. Paralysis can also be related to the body’s inability to send and receive signals due to damaged nerve tissue.

Paralysis does not always set in immediately after an injury, however. In some cases, a body part will begin to tingle or feel numb before paralysis sets in completely.

Forms of Paralysis

Generally speaking, paralysis fits into specific categories depending on the number of affected limbs. For example, monoplegia is paralysis in one leg or arm, while hemiplegia is the paralysis of the leg and arm on the same side of the body. Paraplegia is the paralysis of both legs, and quadriplegia is the paralysis of both arms and legs.

In some cases, it is possible that the symptoms of paralysis only partially manifest over the long term. In other cases, the injury may be so severe the loss of control and sensation in the limb is complete. Either way, a Beaufort paralysis accident attorney could help an injured party identify what they may be able to recover for in both the short and long term through a personal injury lawsuit.

The Cost of Living with Paralysis

The financial cost of medical care related to a paralyzing accident can be high. Those costs can extend well beyond the bill for the initial surgery, treatment, and hospital stay following the injury and may continue to increase as the injury victim gets older.

In many cases, alterations will need to be made to a home to make it accessible for a person with a paralyzing injury. In some cases, the costs of mobility equipment and home upgrades can even exceed those related to medical bills.

In addition to increased costs, a paralyzing injury can also significantly reduce a person’s earning power. Because of their paralysis, many potential avenues of employment may no longer be available.

If a paralyzing injury was due to a negligent act of another person or entity, it might be possible to recover compensation from that party. A paralysis injury lawyer in Beaufort could work with a potential plaintiff to determine whether their circumstances constitute grounds to file suit.

Contact a Beaufort Paralysis Injury Attorney

While a personal injury lawsuit may allow you to recover your damages from the person responsible for your paralysis, the process can be difficult to manage without a seasoned Beaufort paralysis injury lawyer by your side. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to speak with an intake specialist and discuss your options.

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