Beaufort Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Medicines are supposed to make you feel better, not worse. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies are sometimes so eager to get the latest drug on the market that they release it into the stream of commerce long before they should.

Although you might expect a drug to have some side effects, some medications can cause serious harm to patients. If you have experienced adverse effects from a pharmaceutical, a Beaufort dangerous drugs lawyer may be able to help you to assert your legal rights. With help from a dedicated personal injury attorney, you may be able to pursue compensation for your injuries.

The Risks of Dangerous Drugs to Beaufort Patients

Although a pharmaceutical may go through several clinical trials before it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the most severe side effects sometimes do not emerge until after a large population has already been injured.

The public may take a medication with full knowledge of potential minor side effects, such as irregularity, muscle aches, or drowsiness. Some people may decide that their overall good health outweighs the minor inconveniences.

At times, however, patients become dependent on drugs to function before the full harmful effects come to light. When the FDA then becomes aware of more severe or life-threatening effects of the drug, it may be more difficult to wean a patient from the medication and replace it with another.

When tragedy strikes as a result of a dangerous medicine, the FDA might recall the drug. However, by then it may be too late for some patients who have already been made sick or have had their conditions worsen.

Misrepresentation and Failure to Warn

Drug manufacturers and retailers are subject to the South Carolina Drug Act. This Act is intended to require companies to warn consumers of a drug’s risks and protect consumers from inaccurate or misleading claims. Under S.C. Code. §39-23-20(f), a pharmaceutical may be deemed to be improperly labeled in the following instances:

  • Lack of warning that the drug may be habit-forming
  • Insufficient directions for use
  • Misrepresentations on the packaging
  • Omissions of relevant, material facts

Even if a pharmaceutical manufacturer did not violate the above statute, grounds may exist for a successful personal injury claim. For example, A consumer may not be able to give their informed consent to taking a drug if the manufacturer withholds information. A Beaufort dangerous drugs attorney could analyze the facts of a potential plaintiff’s situation to determine if a claim has merit. If so, they could work tirelessly to hold the company accountable for its actions.

Speak with a Beaufort Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Some dangerous drugs arise when manufacturers distribute false or misleading information about the medication. In other cases, the packaging might not properly warn the consumer about the ingredients or effects of the drug.

Even FDA approved medications might later be recalled when serious side effects come to light. By then, you and many others may have developed another affliction caused by the medication that was supposed to help you.

If you were harmed by a hazardous medication, call a diligent Beaufort dangerous drugs lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton. A seasoned attorney may be able help you seek compensation for your losses.

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