Assessing Damages in Beaufort Slip and Fall Claims

The days and weeks following a slip and fall are crucial for obtaining the compensation that you need to set things right. You will need to prove that the landowner was responsible in the moments leading up to the fall. However, it is just as important to be able to demonstrate how that incident has impacted your life.

A diligent attorney may be able to help in the process involved in assessing damages in Beaufort slip and fall claims. They could take the lead to obtain medical records, talk with your employer concerning time missed at work, and evaluate the ways in which the incident has impacted your overall quality of life.

Seeking Compensation for Injuries from a Beaufort Fall

Every slip or trip claim revolves around the physical injuries that result from the incident. These can include bruises, cuts, sprained tendons, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries. In every instance, a landowner who was negligent in allowing the fall to occur must provide comprehensive payments for all medical care that a plaintiff requires.

This includes past care such as an ambulance ride, ER treatment, any necessary surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitative services. A Beaufort attorney could take the lead in seeking out fair compensation for all needed medical care needed caused by someone falling and getting hurt.

Demanding Payments for Lost Quality of Life

A final source of possible compensation is lost quality of life connected to the incident. This can take on many forms such as:

  • Pain
  • Suffering
  • Inability to enjoy hobbies
  • Lost time with loved ones

While it can be difficult to place a dollar value on these experiences, they are certainly a valid reason to demand compensation. An attorney in Beaufort could help to determine every way in which a slip and fall has changed a person’s life and demand that liable property owners provide fair payments.

Slips and Trips Could Impact Finances

Another potential source of compensation following a fall is economic harm due to missing time at work. Many people find that they need to miss shifts to attend doctor appointments or to make their best recovery at home. In these situations, a Schiller & Hamilton lawyer could work to prove how the incident impacted a person’s finances and demand reimbursement for lost wages.

More serious incidents may result in a permanent reduction in earning capacity. This may be the product of injuries that leave an individual with a loss of functionality in body parts or brain damage. Always remember that a liable property owner must provide compensation for the entirety of someone’s economic harm, even if that harm will occur in the future.

A diligent attorney in Beaufort could further assess the losses in a trip and fall case and make sure the plaintiff receives the proper amount of compensation.

Enlist an Attorney to Assess Damages in Beaufort Slip and Fall Claims

All people who suffer harm because of the actions of others deserve full compensation to cover their losses. However, the law requires that these individuals prove that their losses were the product of this incident and place an accurate dollar value on their experiences.

A lawyer may be able to help you to assess your damages after slips and falls in Beaufort. This may include medical costs, lost time spent on the job, emotional traumas, and permanent disabilities. Reach out to a Schiller & Hamilton attorney now to get started.

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