Beaufort Slip and Fall Settlements

Slipping and getting hurt is a traumatic event that can significantly impact every part of your life. If a negligent landowner allowed you to suffer an injury, they have an obligation to provide compensation for your losses. In most situations, this means paying out through an insurance settlement.

If seeking payment through a Beaufort slip and fall settlement, it is vital to demand proper compensation. It is also essential to be able to prove how a landowner was to blame for the fall and how their actions fit within the established rule of law. A slip and fall attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could help you to build powerful cases for compensation through settlement and to place an accurate value on your demand for payment.

What Compensation Could Someone Expect in a Settlement?

Usually, the law says that a party who is liable for an injury must provide all compensation that a plaintiff needs to set their life back on track. At the same time, the burden is on that injured person to prove the extent of their losses and to connect them to the fall.

Every slip and fall case in Beaufort that seeks a settlement must revolve around a physical injury. The medical bills associated with this injury form the core of the settlement proceeds. This can include ER care, ambulance rides, hospitalization, and rehabilitation.

In addition to medical bills, an injured person may endure other losses. These could impact their emotional wellbeing, ability to return to work, and overall quality of life. A Schiller & Hamilton attorney works with people to evaluate the full impact of a trip and fall on their lives and form demand packages that outline these losses and seek payment through settlement.

Pursuing Settlements with the Law on the Plaintiff’s Side

A potential settlement following a Beaufort trip and fall could be an alternative to costly and lengthy trials. Even so, a successful settlement must make it clear that a property owner was at-fault for the incident. A skilled legal team must also convince the landowner and their insurance company that settling is also in their best interest.

The fact that a fall happened on another’s property is never proof of fault. Instead, an injured person must prove that they are protected under the law and that the property owner failed to provide a safe environment. This includes showing that the injured person had permission to be on the land as well as analyzing their reasons for being there. Injured people need to justify their own choices leading up to the incident as state law allows defendants to argue that people contributed to their own injuries.

Statute of Limitations

A final important concept is the state’s statute of limitations. South Carolina Code § 15-3-530 says that people seeking compensation following an injury must bring a case to court no more than three years after the date of the accident. While this may appear to apply only to cases in court, insurance companies are aware of this law. If they believe that the statute of limitations on a case has expired, they will be unlikely to offer a settlement package as they may no longer be liable in a potential lawsuit.

Contact an Attorney about Beaufort Slip and Fall Settlements Now

Most trip and falls end with an insurance settlement. Even so, this process is never automatic, and it takes considerable knowledge of the law and attention to detail to receive an appropriate compensation package.

A skilled lawyer could help you to pursue a fair Beaufort slip and fall settlement following an accident. They work to explain the laws that control your case, gather the relevant evidence, and form comprehensive demand packages that explain your losses and why a landowner is liable. Reach out to Schiller & Hamilton now to get started.

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