Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accidents in Beaufort

Sidewalks are walkways that all people have the right to use. These spaces are public property that the city has a responsibility to maintain. Sometimes, hazards such as cracks, emerging tree roots, or slippery substances could jeopardize the integrity of these walkways. If a hazard causes an injury, the city or a private property owner could be liable for a hurt person’s losses.

Sidewalk slip and fall accidents in Beaufort are common causes of personal injuries. Enlist the help of a knowledgeable slip and fall attorney at Schiller & Hamilton to help prove whether the city or a private property owner is liable for your losses.

Poor Walkway Maintenance Trip and Falls in Beaufort

Sidewalks are public property, which means the city has a lawful obligation build them and ensure that they remain safe for people on foot. Sadly, failures in these obligations are common.

Maintenance of sidewalks can often fall by the wayside, which can result in cracked surfaces, holes in the concrete, or even missing slabs. These damaged portions of Beaufort walkways can cause people to fall and break bones, separate joints, or get a concussion. People who suffer these injuries may be able to demand that the city pay their medical bills, provide compensation for lost income, or make payments for their lost quality of life.

An accomplished lawyer could help pursue cases against municipal bodies and demand compensation after someone trips and falls on a sidewalk.

Temporary Hazards Causing Slip and Falls on Sidewalks

Not every trip or fall that occurs on a Beaufort sidewalk is the fault of the city. While cities are responsible for the general maintenance of these public areas, they are not liable for the temporary hazards that are the fault of others.

Property owners abutting the walkway are required by city law to keep those areas clear from hazards. If a property owner allows a temporary hazard to affect the viability of the sidewalk and an injury occurs, that owner may be held responsible.

For instance, if wet leaves fall on a sidewalk, an owner of an adjacent building must take appropriate steps to clear those leaves. Failure to do so could make that owner responsible for the injured party’s medical bills, lost wages, and reductions in quality of life. A lawyer could provide more information about the requirements of property owners to keep walkways safe for public use.

Call an Attorney about Sidewalk Slip and Fall Accidents in Beaufort Today

Property owners and the city have a legal obligation to keep sidewalks safe for public use. Cities must ensure proper construction and continued maintenance of these walkways. At the same time, property owners must keep paths safe from temporary hazards and be sure not to obstruct walkways.

If either party fails to fulfill these obligations, they may be held responsible for all resulting damage. These damages can include physical injuries, emotional traumas, and lost wages. Contact an attorney now to learn more about sidewalk slip and fall accidents in Beaufort and why other parties may be liable to provide compensation for your losses. Call our office today to learn more about your legal options.

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