Social Security Disability Attorneys in South Carolina

Sometimes a person may no longer be able to work. This can happen through an accident at work, a car wreck, or just your body breaking down due to time and physical punishment. When this happens an option that is available to most people would be disability through Social Security.

To meet the Social Security definition of disabled “you must not be able to engage in any substantial gainful activity because of a medically-determinable physical or mental impairment(s) that is expected to result in death, or that has lasted or is expected to last for a continuous period of at least 12 months.” There are two types of disability; Title II, or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Title XVI Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The requirements to be considered disabled are the same for both SSDI and SSI. The difference between the two is whether or not you have worked within the past five years.

SSDI is a disability policy “purchased” through your payment of payroll taxes. This policy exists while you work and for up to five years after you have stopped working. It pays a monthly payment that is in correlation to the amount paid into the policy. With SSDI it is important that you apply as soon as you realize you can no longer work. If you wait, you may lose this form of disability.

The other type of disability is SSI. This is supplemental income based on the household income and assets. If the income in the household increases then SSI benefits decrease and vice versa. As long as you meet the income requirements, you will be eligible for SSI, regardless of the last time you worked.

For a variety of different reasons, a person’s claim for disability may be denied. If this happens to you, it would be a good idea to have a consultation with an attorney who handles disability appeals. You would want someone with experience fighting for your disability.

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