Common Causes of Slip and Falls in Bluffton

Falls could happen for a wide range of reasons and if it occurs due to an avoidable hazard, a personal injury lawsuit could be in order. There are many common causes of slip and falls in Bluffton, and the details of a case might impact the amount of compensation someone might be awarded.

For there to be a viable claim for compensation, an experienced trip and fall attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could show that the property owner failed to act reasonably in protecting you from harm. They start with identifying the hazard that led to you falling and linking your injuries to that danger.

Structural Dangers Causing Someone to Trip

Many people fall due to structural issues within a building or area, and they are usually issues that could have been addressed. Some of these hazards occur due to poor building design, while others result from years of wear and tear.

Many fall hazards are found outdoors. In Bluffton, these common causes of trip and falls could include broken steps, cracked pavement, and uneven ground. Other structural issues could occur inside a building. Some examples include uneven steps, loose extension cords, inadequate lighting, or faulty hand railings. Any of these hazards could result in a personal injury case if the landowner failed to take reasonable steps to resolve the dangerous condition before someone gets hurt.

Natural Hazards Causing a Slip

Someone might fall due to naturally occurring hazards that cannot be removed. These are especially common outside, where things like rock formations and sinkholes can be impossible to eliminate. Severe weather, like ice or snow, also frequently causes slip and fall hazards in Bluffton.

If it is unreasonable to expect a property owner to remove the naturally occurring hazards, the appropriate step is for the owner or occupier to provide notice of the danger to any visitors.

Temporary Fall Risks in Bluffton

Not all falls occur due to a permanent or natural hazard. A large number of these accidents occur as the result of a temporary hazard like a spilled drink or accumulated trash. These risks are especially dangerous, as many people might assume a space they have traveled through in the past is free of hazards.

Spills and Wet Floors

The most common example of a temporary hazard like this is spilled food, drinks, or liquids. Spills are frequent in commercial settings, like grocery stores or restaurants. While these spills might be unavoidable, the response employees have to a spill matters. A reasonable business owner would take immediate action to address a spill, such as cleaning it up as soon as possible and posting notice of the hazard in the meantime.

The amount of time the hazard is in place can impact the strength of a personal injury case. If someone falls only seconds after a spill, it might not be reasonable to assume the owner had time to address the hazard. However, a spill that remains in place for hours could make for a stronger case, as the owner would have had time to know about and address the danger. A diligent Bluffton attorney could discuss the details of how a frequent cause of slip and fall accidents, like spilled liquids, occurred.

Talk to an Attorney about the Common Causes of Slip and Falls in Bluffton

If you were hurt because you fell, you might have a viable claim for monetary compensation. Your case could target the owner of the property where your injury took place.

Before you consider legal action on your own, discuss the common causes of slip and falls in Bluffton with a trusted attorney. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to learn more about your options.

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