Lancaster Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are entitled to the same rights and protections as any other motorist. They enjoy the same rights-of-way that other drivers do, but they also face unique requirements that do not apply to cars or trucks. An understanding of Lancaster traffic laws for motorcyclists could help any rider avoid a collision.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can occur even if you follow every traffic law to the letter. When these accidents occur due to the negligence of another driver, you could have a claim for compensation. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney could assist you in pursuing this claim.

Guidelines on Riding a Motorcycle in Lancaster

There are statewide regulations that govern the conduct of a motorcyclist. These regulations, found at South Carolina Code Section 56-5-3630, address everything from the number of people that may ride on the motorcycle to the objects a rider may carry.

The statute requires a motorcyclist to ride while seated on the permanent, regular seat attached to the bike. This means that standing or riding on another part of the motorcycle is prohibited. A passenger may only ride if a motorcycle seats two people or if there is a second permanent seat attached to the bike.

A motorcyclist must also sit facing forward with one leg on each side of the bike for the duration of their ride. Riders must use both hands, and may not carry any package that requires a hand to carry. The statute also prevents passengers from sitting in a way that obstructs the operator’s view.

These guidelines might be intended to keep motorcyclists safe on the roadway, but they could also impact a civil claim following an accident.

Lane Splitting

Another traffic regulation specific to motorcycles is found at South Carolina Code Section 56-5-3640. This statute bans motorcyclists from lane splitting. Lane splitting involves motorcyclists driving in between two lanes of traffic on a multiple-lane road. This allows motorcyclists to continue driving even when traffic is congested. This practice is legal in other jurisdictions, but there are significant safety risks that come with it. State law does allow for motorcyclists to ride side by side in the same lane in groups no larger than two.

Lane splitting regulations apply to more than just motorcycles. The operators of bicycles, mopeds, and any other small vehicles are also prohibited from splitting lanes.

Motorcycle Equipment Requirements

There are also requirements that are related to motorcycle equipment. If a motorcycle fails to meet certain safety standards, it is unlawful to operate the vehicle on a public roadway. For example, South Carolina Code Section 56-5-3650 requires motorcycles to include working rearview mirrors. Additionally, there must be an accessible footrest for both the operator as well as the passenger.

Discuss Lancaster Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists with an Attorney

There are many reasons to abide by the traffic laws in place for Lancaster motorcyclists. First and foremost, they could greatly improve your chance of surviving a crash or avoiding one entirely.

Also important is the impact these regulations could have on a civil claim after an accident. When motorists or motorcyclists fail to abide by traffic laws, it could work against them at trial. An attorney could advise you of the strength of your claim following a collision. Call Schiller & Hamilton right away to discuss your case.

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