Rock Hill Bad Weather Car Accident Lawyer

When a weather event creates dangerous conditions, it is important to avoid driving if possible. If it is necessary to be on the road, it is critical for motorists to exercise a greater degree of caution than normal. Drivers are always responsible for their behavior on the road, and if they cause an accident, they could be held liable.

If you were hurt in a crash because another motorist failed to drive carefully for the weather conditions, reach out to an experienced attorney. A Rock Hill bad weather car accident lawyer could help you investigate the cause of the collision, determine fault, and pursue a powerful claim for compensation.

Common Causes of Rock Hill Bad Weather Accidents

The geographical location of Rock Hill leads to ice on the local roads at least a few days out of the year. The ice can be particularly bad because the temperatures tend to hover or fluctuate right around the freezing point. Precipitation may begin as rain but quickly turns into ice. Roads often have black ice on them, which is difficult to see and creates a dangerous situation.

Furthermore, road icing does not occur often enough to cause municipalities to operate salt trucks or plow trucks to a great scale. When the roads surrounding Rock Hill become icy, they tend to stay that way until the weather breaks. Icy conditions are less common in Rock Hill than other places around the country, so local drivers do not have much experience in inclement weather. As a result, a high number of accidents occur on icy roads.

Identifying Fault After an Inclement Weather Crash

Weather conditions affect how someone should be driving. What could be a safe speed under normal conditions may not be a safe speed when roads are slick and visibility is poor. Drivers always have a duty to respond to the type of road conditions. If they fail to do that, and the breach of that duty results in a collision, the driver is responsible for the effects of the collision.

To determine fault after a crash, attorneys may collect evidence including pictures, videos, and weather data. If a Rock Hill bad weather car accident attorney can show that conditions were poor and the other driver failed to use caution, it could help a victim recover damages.

Recoverable Damages After a Wreck

The recoverable damages in a dangerous weather accident in Rock Hill are no different than in any other accident. There are economic and non-economic harms. Economic harms compensate victims for readily quantifiable losses, such as the costs of medical bills, lost wages, rental car fees, and other expenses. In contrast, non-economic harms are less tangible and more difficult to calculate a fair value for. Non-economic harms can include pain and suffering, mental anguish, and loss of consortium.

Reach Out to a Rock Hill Bad Weather Car Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a weather-related crash, you should strongly consider retaining legal counsel. A lawyer could help by contacting the insurance companies and filing the claim. A Rock Hill bad weather car accident lawyer could use their extensive knowledge and understanding of the law to your benefit. To learn how an attorney could help in your case, call Schiller & Hamilton.

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