Collecting Evidence for a Rock Hill Car Accident Case

If you have been involved in an automobile crash due to the reckless and careless actions of another, you should speak to a car accident attorney as soon as possible. Immediately after retaining the services of a skilled legal professional, they could begin working on your case, including collecting evidence. The kind of evidence a lawyer would look for includes pictures, videos, and the medical records. The evidence an attorney finds will be used to prove the defendant’s negligence and help your case.

After evidence is collected, there are steps a car accident litigation attorney must take before presenting it in court. They always put the case in a position to resolve before filing a lawsuit. If they file a lawsuit, it is generally a last resort, because litigation often results in higher costs in money and time for the claimant. They would first gather all the evidence and then present the case to the insurance carriers to try to elicit a settlement. If that does not occur, then they would file a lawsuit. Speak to a seasoned lawyer to learn about the nuances of collecting evidence for a Rock Hill car accident case.

Types of Evidence Used in a Motor Vehicle Collision Case

Before filing a claim, Rock Hill car accident attorneys would gather evidence by making sure they have any photos, pictures, and witness statements. They make sure that they are looking into coverages on all the vehicles involved and the parties involved, especially if someone is driving someone else’s vehicle. They make sure that they are gathering all the medical evidence, which includes:

  • Medical Bills
  • Letters from Doctors
  • Lost Wages
  • Information from Employers
  • Mileage on Vehicles Going to And from Doctor’s Visits

The Process for Collecting Evidence in a Car Accident Case in Rock Hill

The process of collecting evidence in a car accident case in Rock Hill is different for each piece of evidence. For example, collecting medical records could involve sending HIPAA requests and letters to medical providers requesting those medical records. The investigator has to go to the scene or speak to witnesses. Additionally, they could send requests for body cams or dashboard camera videos from the officers that responded to the scene.  The process for collecting evidence for a Rock Hill car accident case depends on the type of evidence is, but there is a method and process for gathering.

Length of Time to Gather Evidence

The time it takes to collect evidence to present in court depends on how long it takes someone to finish treatment. It could be an ongoing process. Collecting evidence such as medical bills and hospital records could take an indefinite amount of time. Sometimes that process continues to occur after a lawsuit is filed. It depends on the case. Sometimes gathering information on a case could take a few weeks or months, and sometimes it could take several years. It just depends on the treatment, the case, and whether experts are needed or evolved.

Retain the Services of a Car Accident Attorney Today

Following a car accident, injured claimants should retain the services of an experienced motor vehicle collision attorney. It is important to know that the evidence-gathering process could take time and that the goal in going through that process is to maximize the value of the case. Schedule a consultation today to discuss the process for collecting evidence for a Rock Hill car accident case.

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