Mistakes to Avoid After a Rock Hill Car Accident

Often, individuals make crucial mistakes which could affect their financial recovery following a motor vehicle crash. Some mistakes people make in Rock Hill after being involved in a car crash is failing to call the police. Calling 911 ensures that there is a paper trail of the wreck and that all the parties information is collected. Other mistakes include refusing medical treatment, waiting to talk to an attorney, and agreeing to a settlement amount before they know what their injuries are. There are lots of mistakes that someone could make in handling their case, and those mistakes could have a big impact on the value later.

Those who have been involved in a car crash should speak to an attorney after making sure that the medical emergencies are taken care of. If you do not talk to a car accident attorney, you are not going to understand what your rights and legal options are. Speak to a seasoned attorney to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Rock Hill.

Why Is Admitting Fault at The Scene of a Car Accident in Rock Hill a Mistake?

Admitting fault at the scene of a car accident in Rock Hill is a mistake and could detrimental to a person’s case. It becomes part of the police report. While the officer could not testify as to what happened in the wreck, they could testify as to what they were told when they were at the scene. If someone tells an officer that they were at fault, then that could become evidence of liability. It is important to gather information, pictures, and videos, and always to call the police, but not admit fault at the scene.

Refusing Medical Treatment Following an Auto Collision

Refusing immediate medical treatment is a mistake, and refusal of initial treatment could hurt a person’s case because sometimes it is hard to judge the extent of the injury immediately after a wreck. Sometimes it is not until several hours later or the next day that those injuries start to set in. The problem with waiting to seek medical treatment is that it gives insurance companies a reason to discount or deny claims. The longer the gap there is in treatment, the greater chance there is that there was some intervening cause.

If a person believes there is an injury, it is a better idea to get it checked out than to ignore those symptoms.

Failure to Follow Up with Medical Treatment

It is a mistake not to follow doctor’s orders or follow up with medical treatment. In proving the extent of an injury, the best evidence of that injury is the medical records and what the doctors say. If the claimant is ignoring the advice of medical professionals, they are not getting the treatment that they need, and they are not allowing the physician to create the record so that the evidence reflects the claim.

To make sure that the records reflect the reality, it is important to follow up, discuss their pain, and discuss their injuries with the doctor, so that the records are there to help prove the extent of the injury.

Treatment Gaps

A treatment gap could also hurt a person’s case because it could cause an insurance company to either greatly devalue a case or deny it. The longer the gap in treatment the more likely it is that an insurance company would deny coverage for that treatment.

What Are Some Issues with Speaking to Insurance Companies Without Legal Guidance?

The danger in giving a recorded statement to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting with an attorney is that once that recorded statement is made, it never goes away. A recorded statement could diminish or devalue a case.

Insurance adjusters are trained to help elicit and gather information that helps their case. It is always recommended that someone talk to an attorney before having any conversation with the adjuster.

Accepting a Settlement

One major mistake to avoid after a car accident in Rock Hill is accepting a settlement from an insurance company. The reason why it is a mistake to cash this check is at the beginning of a case and shortly after an injury occurs, there is no way to tell how long the recovery time would be and what treatment would be necessary.

If someone signs a conditional release and cashes a check from an insurance company, they ended their case. At that point, if they need to go back to the doctor and seek additional treatment, especially if there is a need for any surgery, that claimant would have to pay out of pocket.

Schedule a Consultation with a Car Accident Attorney Today

The last major mistake to avoid following a car accident is failing to contact an attorney right after a car accident in Rock Hill. Attorneys like to get involved sooner rather than later so that they could make sure that people know the rights, get the treatment they need, and make sure that nothing occurs that could influence an insurance company’s evaluation of the case.

Call today to learn about the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Rock Hill.

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