Rock Hill Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Car crashes can occur in parking lots, and the litigation which follows may be more complex than for accidents that occur on public roadways. Parking lot accidents are often caused by driver distraction and carelessness. Whether a motor vehicle operator is on private or public property, it is their responsibility to protect other drivers from foreseeable harm.

Drivers who fail to do so and subsequently cause an incident which results in injuries to another person could be held liable with the help of a seasoned car accident attorney. If you have been injured due to another party’s reckless behavior, let a diligent Rock Hill parking lot accident lawyer.

Time Limits for Filing a Parking Lot Accident Claim

All claims involving negligence and subsequent injuries must adhere to the state’s statute of limitations, with few exceptions. According to South Carolina Code §15-3-530, an injured party must file a personal injury claim within three years from the date of their accident.

The purpose of this law is not to victimize potential plaintiffs, but rather to help make civil litigation as fair to both sides as possible. Without a statute of limitations, plaintiffs could potentially file a lawsuit for an incident that happened many years ago, leaving the defendant with little or no information or evidence with which to defend themselves. Rock Hill courts enforce the statute of limitations in order to promote the collection and preservation of important evidence which may otherwise deteriorate over time.

An injured person who fails to file a claim within the allotted deadline may be barred from seeking compensation from responsible parties. In some cases, they may still be allowed to file a lawsuit, but a judge would likely dismiss the case based on the expired time limit. The sooner an injured person contacts a seasoned Rock Hill parking lot accident attorney, the better their chances could be for recovering damages.

Types of Parking Lot Collisions

Parking lot accidents typically involve a driver backing out of a parking space and hitting another vehicle that is either moving or parked. If both cars were reversing at the same time, their fault might be shared. However, if only one car was in motion, that driver would likely be held responsible for any resulting damages.

Other types of parking lot accidents include striking another car while its door is open, clipping another car in the lot, failing to yield the right of way, failing to obey stop signs, following too close and hitting another vehicle from behind, turning too quickly in blind spots, driving too fast for the road conditions, and hazardous pavement conditions like potholes and debris.

Reach out to a Rock Hill Parking Lot Accident Attorney Today

While these cases may seem simple, the legal process which follows parking lot accidents can become quite complex since they usually take place on private property and involve very few witnesses. For help with pursuing compensation from liable parties, it is best to retain an experienced Rock Hill parking lot accident lawyer to represent your case. Call Schiller & Hamilton to learn more about the legal strategies available to you after an accident in a parking lot.

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