Rock Hill Child Injury Lawyer

Parents try their best to keep their children safe, but due to circumstances beyond their control, children can still suffer personal injuries. These are often the products of accidents, however, injuries may also result from the intentional violent acts of others.

Minors who get hurt in these situations deserve the compensation that they need to set things right. A Rock Hill child injury lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton wants to help your family to collect these payments. This can include covering medical bills and demanding compensation for lost quality of life. Cases involving kids are subject to special rules, and a skilled personal injury attorney could help parents to navigate these rules while dealing with the insurance companies.

Situations that May Result in Actionable Child Harm Cases

Children have the same right to expect protection from others. If a defendant injures an underage person, that defendant is liable for providing fair compensation to that minor. Prominent examples of these situations include:

Sadly, children are also vulnerable to injuries that may only impact people of a lesser age. They may endure harm while on a school bus or while at a daycare. They may also be subject to the abuse of teachers, coaches, or other caretakers. A Rock Hill child harm attorney is dedicated to investigating the cause of a minor’s injuries and holding all liable parties responsible.

Protecting the Legal Rights of Rock Hill Children

As minors, children must rely on the guidance of their parents or other guardians to protect their legal rights. For all cases with a value of less than $2,500, the guardian can take direct control over the funds. If the value is between $2,500 and $9,999.99, the court must approve the settlement before the outlay of money. Finally, for all values of at least $10,000, the court will appoint a conservator to take control over the funds and distribute them to the minor when they become an adult. A minor accident attorney in Rock Hill could help to navigate this process.

It is also important to remember that there is always a limited time following an accident to pursue a case. For most kids, South Carolina Code § 15-3-530 creates a time limit of three years. However, this time may change based upon the nature of the case. Talking with a lawyer as soon as possible gives them the best chance of providing effective assistance.

Reach Out to a Rock Hill Child Injury Attorney Today

All people who suffer harm because of others deserve fair compensation for their losses. Underage people are no exception to this concept. If they suffer an injury because of an accident or intentional abuse, their parents may seek out payments for the minor’s medical bills or lost quality of life.

A Rock Hill child injury lawyer wants to help you pursue these payments for the well-being of your kid. This includes proving fault for the incident, measuring damages, and following the specific rules that govern child harm cases. Call Schiller & Hamilton now to learn more.

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