Rock Hill Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

While patients with medical conditions and illnesses rely on medications to help them get well, pharmaceutical companies often put their profits ahead of the health of consumers. Consequently, drug companies have released drugs onto the market that have posed serious risks and injuries to the users.

If you suffered due to a hazardous medication, a skilled legal professional might be able to help. A Rock Hill dangerous drugs lawyer could look at the facts surrounding your case and determine whether you have a valid claim for compensation.

Prescription Medication Claims in Rock Hill

Patients expect drugs that their medical professionals provide to be safe, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. While drugs are required to undergo rigorous testing before being released to the public, companies often make them available before fully discovering their side effects.

This behavior may lead to significant injuries for patients who unwittingly take the drugs on the advice of their doctors. Prescription drugs also may become dangerous when doctors improperly prescribe them. This could occur when a medical professional prescribes an improper drug or an incorrect dosage based on the weight of the patient.

Medical professionals may also fail to notice the potential for interaction between a new drug and a patient’s current medications, or they may fail to monitor the patient for adverse side effects. Mistakes related to the use of dangerous medications can lead to patients suffering injuries and even death.

Drug companies have a responsibility to make their drugs safe for consumers. When they fail to warn the public of potential side effects or drug interactions, or if they fail to take necessary steps to make medicines safe, they may be liable for any resulting injuries. Consulting an attorney familiar with unsafe medication claims could be beneficial for plaintiffs who wish to hold drug companies responsible for their wrongful actions.

Recoverable Damages

When drug companies forego necessary testing or fail to include all the side effects on the warning labels of drugs, they are potentially liable for any injuries that a person who used the drug suffered. Product liability law allows consumers to potentially hold pharmaceutical companies accountable when dangerous or defective products cause harm to those who use them.

A Rock Hill attorney may be able to help injured dangerous drugs plaintiffs pursue drug companies for compensation related to their injuries. A successful claim could lead to compensation for:

  • Costs related to emergency treatment, hospitalization, ongoing medical care, rehabilitation, and other medical expenses
  • Lost wages and loss of future income
  • Pain and suffering and emotional distress

These forms of compensation and more could all be part of a compelling product liability claim.

Work with a Rock Hill Dangerous Drugs Attorney

While public safety should be paramount for drug companies, profits often seem to motivate them more than the health of consumers. Fortunately, if you have suffered injuries after taking a dangerous drug, you could seek compensation for your losses.

A Rock Hill dangerous drugs lawyer can represent your interests and work toward a favorable resolution in any pharmaceutical product liability claim that you may have. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to schedule a consultation.

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