Rock Hill Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog attacks are a common occurrence across the county, and the resulting injuries could have lifelong implications. Fortunately, a Rock Hill dog bite lawyer could help hold owners responsible for the damages that their pets caused. A well-practiced injury attorney could seek compensation on your behalf.

Personal injury claims arising from dog bites may allow injured persons to obtain compensation for medical care, hospitalization, and reconstructive surgery. Other losses that might be compensable include lost wages and damages for permanent disfigurement. A skilled personal injury lawyer may be able to assess your situation and determine the best course of action in your case.

Liability in Dog Attack Cases

Dog bite claims differ from other personal injury claims in various respects. While most personal injury claims rely on evidence of negligence in holding others responsible for the injuries have suffered, dog bite claims are not based on negligence.

Instead, dog bite claims stem from the legal theory of strict liability. This means that owners are responsible for their pets actions, even if the dog had never previously acted in a vicious matter or bitten anyone. Barring a few exceptions, dog owners are liable for any injuries that their dogs cause, no matter the circumstances.

To maintain a successful dog bite claim against a dog owner, plaintiffs must prove two separate elements:

  • They were lawfully present on the property, which could be public or private, at the time of the dog bite
  • They did nothing to provoke the dog into attacking them.

If the dog bite plaintiffs cannot prove these elements, they may not be able to pursue an injury claim. Dog owners typically are not liable if their dogs bite trespassers, intruders into their homes, or individuals who have provoked their dogs into attacking them. A dedicated lawyer in Rock Hill could evaluate any personal injury claims that a person has for their dog bite injuries.

Statute of Limitations in Rock Hill

Under South Carolina law, individuals who suffer dog bite injuries have three years in which to pursue their claims against any potentially liable parties. If a person fails to observe this timeframe, or statute of limitations, they may be unable to recover any compensation for their losses. Potential plaintiffs could also lose their chance to hold pet owners accountable for the vicious behavior of their dogs.

Multiple surgeries, skin grafts, and other treatments over time may be necessary to treat dog bite injuries fully. Consequently, it can be easy to lose track of time and miss the window of opportunity to file a personal injury claim. An experienced attorney could be instrumental in helping dog bite victims seek justice within the statute of limitations.

Contact a Rock Hill Dog Bite Attorney for Advice

The recovery process for a dog attack can be physically and mentally taxing. You may face long periods of reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation, and emotional trauma. Fortunately, a Rock Hill dog bite lawyer could help you handle the paperwork, insurance claims, and legal proceeding while you focus on your physical and emotional health.

While your situation may seem overwhelming, getting legal advice and counsel as quickly as possible may be crucial to the success of a potential injury claim. Reach out to Schiller & Hamilton today to discuss your situation.

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