Best Time For A Parent To File For Child Support in Rock Hill

The answer is simply: as early as possible. Let’s assume this question has to do with unmarried parents. Sometimes parents have agreements worked out where they are supporting the child for now or buying supplies for the child, such as diapers and food. I always will advise people that if there is no court order, then you have no enforceability. So if you just start relying on the other parent’s good word that they are going to help you out or buy things for your child, one day they can just quit, and you have no recourse other than to then go ahead and then file for child support. So the sooner you file, the better.

If the parents are not together, then I would always advise people just to go ahead and go through the process and get the child support order because even if the other parent doesn’t pay it, they begin to accrue arrearages, and you can follow different enforcement procedures. Many times, I’ll have divorce clients say that they don’t need child support, and again, I always recommend that even if you don’t need the money, the money is your child’s so go ahead and get the order of child support in Rock Hill. Even if you put it into a bank account for the child’s future, it’s for the benefit of the child, so I always tell people to do it as quickly and as soon as possible.

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