Settlement Agreements During a Rock Hill Divorce

You have to live with the outcome of divorce…why not make the decisions yourself? Schiller & Hamilton wants to make sure you know all of your options as you move through the divorce process.

Divorce or separation in Rock Hill can obviously be a difficult process. Unfortunately, the process of being in Family Court, as well as the addition of attorneys, can add additional stress to an already stressful time. Of course there some times when there is no option of agreement; however, the overwhelming majority of divorce and separation actions in Rock Hill end up settling before trial. Fortunately, a well-drafted settlement agreement can provide a fair and equitable outcome to the issues of your marriage while saving the cost of litigation, and allow you to make the decisions regarding your future financial stability and your family.

Use Mediation in Rock Hill to Settle the Issues of Your Marriage

At any point of a divorce or separation action, the parties may agree on one or all of the issues that have been brought before the Court. This negotiation and agreement is actively encouraged by the Family Court; that is why mediation is mandatory in South Carolina. The Court knows that you and your spouse are better suited to know the complexities of your marriage and the best outcomes for yourself and each other. If both spouses know their rights and responsibilities, and come to the settlement table with an open mind and willingness to negotiate, then there is a good chance that those parties are going to come out with a settlement agreement that works better for their family than what a Court could order – and save litigation costs at the same time.

Settlement agreements comprehensively and specially address all of the issues of your marital relationship – from child custody and support to equitable distribution, alimony, and attorney’s fees. They can be drafted with exacting detail to allow for multiple situations and can provide for future events, and outline the rights and responsibilities of each party going forward. Perhaps the most beneficial result of a settlement agreement is the peace of mind and transparency in the outcome of your marriage, without the uncertainty and sometimes confusion of orders issued by the Family Court.

Even If You Are Amicable, Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Even if you and your spouse believe you will be able to reach an agreement during a divorce or separation, it is critical that you have the proper representation to protect your rights and interests. In addition, attempting to draft or sign a settlement agreement with your spouse without an attorney can lead to disastrous results. Our family law team has the experience and knowledge to negotiate and draft a settlement agreement that is tailored to your specific circumstances. Call us today for an in-depth consultation and begin the process of settling the issues of your marriage.

For more information on Settlement Agreements, an in-depth initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling us today.

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