What To Do After A Rock Hill Motorcycle Accident

At Schiller & Hamilton, our Rock Hill motorcycle accident attorney understands the value of a prompt response to protect the interests of people who have just been involved in motorcycle wrecks.

Our ability to preserve essential evidence while advising you about your legal rights can go far toward a successful outcome in your insurance claim and a potential negligence lawsuit.

Contact a skilled attorney for A Complimentary Strategy Session with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can guide you through the accident claim process while working toward a civil action for damages as a backup if negotiations with the insurers fall through. Our objective is to help our client recover full and fair compensation on all covered losses, not just the ones the claims adjuster feels like letting you have. Our trial experience helps us develop important leverage for getting the most out of the settlement process, and can protect your interests if the case needs to go to court.

Immediately after a motorcycle crash, you should concentrate first on getting the medical treatment you need to identify and stabilize your injuries. Not all injuries are correctly diagnosed and treated in the emergency room, and our lawyers can help ensure that nothing was overlooked in the ER.

Don’t Let Early Mistakes Jeopardize Your Interest in Full Compensation

From a legal standpoint, it’s also important to preserve the evidence of the accident as quickly as possible. You should get photos and video of yourself, the accident scene, the damaged bike and the road conditions. You should get the names and phone numbers of eyewitnesses. You need to be very careful about what you say to law enforcement, avoid talking about what laws you may broken like lane-splitting, and the other driver, and you should say as little as possible to any insurance investigators or adjusters until you get legal advice.

Given the nature of the injuries that motorcycle accident victims typically experience, photographic and video evidence that documents the physical harm and the pace of your recovery can be extremely effective in convincing a claims adjuster of the severity of your accident. To support the amount of a specific damages demand, we work with medical and rehabilitation experts whose opinions on past and future treatment will help establish the specific amount of fair compensation in your case.

Find out more about the best ways to protect your interests in the hours and days following a motorcycle crash. Contact the Rock Hill personal injury attorneys at the Schiller & Hamilton in Rock Hill, or Beaufort for A Complimentary Strategy Session.

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