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Corporate America is quick to get products to the marketplace but not always so quick to properly test those products for safety. Shamefully, many companies will purposely leave out important safety precautions on a product because they think paying accident settlements will be cheaper than making changes to the product. 

It is this type of cynical disregard for the safety of consumers that often leads juries to favor the victims of product liability accidents. If you were injured by a defective product, contact Schiller & Hamilton to speak with a team member. Our Rock Hill product liability lawyers are experienced in these types of claims and can help walk you through the legal process of recovering compensation.

Common Dangerous and Defective Product Cases

At Schiller & Hamilton, our local attorneys represent people injured by dangerous and defective products. We represent plaintiffs against designers and manufacturers of a wide range of products, including:

Attorney Bennett J. Schiller III knows how to pressure manufacturers of defective products. He has successfully handled numerous designer and manufacturer liability cases and knows what evidence to look for and how to present that evidence compellingly. 

He knows the right experts to help him present convincing cases for his clients. If you were injured by a defective product, he and his legal team will put their considerable skill and experience to work for you.

Our Firm’s Reviews

We know how hard we work for our clients, but we think you might want to hear about it from the clients themselves. Here are just a few of our many positive testimonials from delighted clients:

  • “I have been using this Law Firm for over a decade and they are hands down the best there is. They always take the time to listen to your problems and needs and help in the most professional manner. Kevin Phillips has been helping me with my latest case and I can honestly say that without him I would have lost my sanity a couple of months ago. Without him I would still be stuck in a miserable position in which I felt I had no control. He has moved thst along expediently. He doesn’t just “take your case”, he actually cares which to me is just as important. If you ever have a problem, this is the Firm to help you.” Fail W.
  • “Schiller &Hamilton is an outstanding professional firm. Everytime I went to them they explain everything that they could do. They never told me no. They said we will see what we can do. In all of my cases they were able to get me a great settlement. I will trust them with any legal case I may have in the future.” Reeneely
  • “I absolutely love this law firm. Especially Joel and all of the staff. I have used this law firm both times I was in an automobile accident. I will always call them anytime I need a lawyer.” Crystal B.
  • “I would recommend anyone to go to Schiller and Hamilton if they have any legal issues. They are very personal and professional. Always willing to answer any and all questions. They respond in a very timely manner. They did an awesome job handling my case. If I ever have another legal matter I will definitely go to them without any reservations.” Diane B.

If you want a Rock Hill product liability lawyer who will treat you like family and work relentlessly to get you the best possible outcome in your situation, you have come to the right place.

There Is a Deadline for Filing a Product Liability Lawsuit

You might think that the lawsuit filing deadline, also called the statute of limitations, is irrelevant for you because you want to settle your injury claim, not file a lawsuit. 

The problem is that if your case does not settle before the lawsuit filing deadline, the at-fault party and their insurance company will no longer have any legal liability for your injuries and other losses. 

You might be in the middle of what you think are good faith negotiations to settle your claim, and then, without warning, the claims adjuster “ghosts” you. He breaks off communication and ignores your phone calls and emails. He knows the statute of limitations that applies to your case and that you cannot file a lawsuit after that point. 

The Statute of Limitations for Product Liability Cases in South Carolina

According to S.C. Ann. § 15-3-530, you must file your product liability lawsuit within three years of the incident in which the dangerous or defective product harmed you. Sometimes, however, the injured person does not discover the harm immediately or does not realize that the product caused the injury.

In that situation, the statute of limitations requires that the lawsuit get filed within three years of the discovery date. South Carolina law imposes limits on the time one has to discover the harm. Our state’s statute of repose says that the latest possible date to file a product liability case is eight years.

Four Things to Do After Getting Hurt by a Dangerous or Defective Item

Every product liability injury case is unique, and you should always do what is appropriate in your circumstances. Here are some suggestions of things you might want to consider doing if you get hurt by a dangerous or defective item:

Get Medical Attention Immediately

Your health always comes first. You will want to get the medical attention and treatment you need right away. Doing so will give you the best chance of recuperating from your injuries.

We will use your medical bills to determine the financial value of your injury claim. Also, we will use your medical file history notes to link your injuries to the event in which the dangerous or defective product harmed you.

Keep the Pertinent Evidence

This includes the item that harmed you, photos of the injuries and the item, and the names and contact information of witnesses.

Having evidence to prove that the product was dangerous or defective will be essential to your product liability claim. You will want to keep possession of the item that harmed you, whether that is a power tool, a recalled medication, or a car with defective airbags that exploded. You do not want to let anyone dispose of or destroy these items.

If you have visible injuries, it can be helpful to take photographs that show the extent of the harm you suffered. In situations where there were witnesses, you should write their names and contact information. It can be surprising how quickly details can fade from memory.

Talk to a Rock Hill Product Liability Attorney from Our Firm

It is expensive to handle a product liability case. This sophisticated litigation often requires the use of expert witnesses like engineers or medical experts.

The company responsible for designing, manufacturing, or selling the dangerous or defective product will likely have more financial resources to litigate than you do. When you work with our product liability attorney, you will not have to pay any upfront legal fees, so you can afford to take on a large corporation.

Complete Your Prescribed Medical Treatment

We understand that it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient to undergo medical treatment like physical therapy appointments or surgery.

Nonetheless, if you do not finish the treatment plan your physician prescribed, the defendant could argue that they should pay you less money because you might have healed better with the full treatment.

Get in Touch with Our Product Liability Attorneys Serving York County, SC

If you were injured in an accident caused by a defective consumer good, our Rock Hill product liability attorneys can help you seek compensation for your many damages. Contact us today for a consultation. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The initial consultation is free, and there is no obligation.

We at Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm hope you and your family are safe & well. We wanted to let our friends and clients know that we are currently working regular office hours. However, in an effort to decrease in-person contact we encourage our clients to schedule an appointment by phone or Zoom. If an in-person appointment is necessary please note our offices are locked so please call our office number upon arriving. Our plan is to continue serving you and your family and providing the same level of professional service you’ve always received from us.
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