Common Causes of Slip and Falls in Rock Hill

It is impossible to list all of the hazards that could result in a slip, trip, and fall accident. Falls occur for a variety of reasons, but they will only result in a viable personal injury claim if negligence plays a role. For that reason, it is vital to put your case in the hands of a skilled personal injury attorney.

A Schiller & Hamilton trip and fall attorney could assist you with investigating what caused you to fall. While falling can be dangerous, it does not always result directly from negligence. In order to understand the strength of your case, it is helpful to learn more about common causes of slip and falls in Rock Hill.

Wet or Slippery Floors

A large number of slip and fall accidents in the area occur due to the presence of wet or slick surfaces. These hazards could involve accumulated ice after a snowstorm or spilled beverages inside a restaurant. The presence of slick floors could lead to serious bodily injuries.

Poor Lighting

Not all slip, trip, and fall accidents occur due to an object or substance causing a person to lose their balance. A frequent reason someone in Rock Hill could fall is because their vision is obscured due to poor lighting. If lighting is poor, a person could trip over a hazard or make a misstep that could have been easily avoided if they were able to see.

Tripping Hazards in Rock Hill

There are countless objects on someone else’s property that could cause a person to trip and get injured. These hazards are often hard to notice, meaning that falls can occur when a person least expects them. Tripping hazards involve any object that catches on a person’s foot and sends them tumbling to the ground.

Most of these hazards involve outstretched objects that are difficult to see but easy to tangle up with a person’s feet. In Rock Hill, some common examples could include loose rugs, bunched extension cords, or broken pavement which someone could trip over and get hurt.

Stairwell Accidents

While any fall has the potential to cause serious injuries, falls in stairwells often result in severe injury or even death. This is because a fall could result in multiple impacts that stretch out over a long distance.

Falls in stairwells can happen for many reasons. Often, poor building maintenance is to blame. A stairwell fall could result from loose steps, dangerous stair design, or missing handrails. Falls in stairwells could also occur due to other hazards like bunched carpet or slick surfaces. A skilled Rock Hill attorney could go into more depth about how something in a stairwell would cause a slip, trip, or fall.


Sometimes a fall can occur due to loose trash or debris on the floor. This debris could cause a fall in different ways. In addition to serving as a tripping hazard, a person could also lose their balance if stepping awkwardly on trash or debris of which they were unaware.

As a local attorney could further explain, this common type of trip and fall accident can happen anywhere. However, they are especially common in situations where unattended trash cans have resulted in garbage overflowing onto the floor. This could happen in busy businesses like fast-food restaurants or grocery stores.

Talk to an Attorney About the Common Causes of Slip and Falls in Rock Hill

If you fell on someone else’s property, you might be entitled to monetary compensation. Pursuing your civil suit could provide you with fair compensation, but success is never guaranteed. Before you initiate a lawsuit, it is helpful to understand the common causes of slip and falls in Rock Hill. Reach out to a seasoned attorney at Schiller & Hamilton immediately to learn more.

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