Injuries in Rock Hill Slip and Fall Cases

A slip and fall accident could lead to a wide variety of physical injuries. While some falls result in minor scrapes or bruises, other accidents have the potential to cause life-altering damages.

If a trip and fall resulted in bodily harm, it is important to consider your legal options. A trusted trip and fall attorney could help you evaluate your losses and identify the compensation you might be entitled to recover. Let a Schiller & Hamilton attorney advise you about how to file for injuries in Rock Hill slip and fall cases.

Sprained Wrists and Ankles

Sprains are arguably the most common injuries that result from falling. Usually, someone might fall after they take an unnatural step or when their leg is caught in some type of hazard. The end result of these situations is often a sprain or tear of the ligaments in the ankle. As a skilled Rock Hill attorney could further explain, these wounds are not only painful, but they can also take a long time to heal after a slipping or tripping accident.

Sprained wrists are another common injury. It is natural for a person to attempt to soften the impact of them hitting the ground after tripping. Often, this involves putting out their hands in an effort to catch themselves. This can lead to a wrist sprain as the weight of the body comes down on the wrists at an awkward angle.

Cuts, Bruises, and Lacerations

Another common type of injury after a Rock Hill slip and fall is damage to soft tissues. These typically include cuts, lacerations, and bruises. These injuries are often superficial and are caused by parts of the body striking the ground.

Some lacerations are not minor. Deep cuts could require medical attention, and in some cases, they could lead to permanent scarring or disfigurement. Immediate medical care could reduce the long-term impact of severe lacerations, including reducing any permanent scarring.

Knee Damage

Knee damage is also common with Rock Hill slip, trip, and fall accidents. Oftentimes, a person can twist their knee on their way down to the ground. These are often severe, as the knee contains a complicated series of ligaments that keep the structure of the leg in place. Damage to the knee frequently requires surgery to correct, and these procedures can be costly.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the most severe consequences of a Rock Hill slip, trip, and fall is head trauma. There are different ways a person could land on their head during a fall, and any major impact could lead to concussions or other types of traumatic brain injuries. A person who loses their balance could strike their head in the fall, especially if they are falling down a stairwell or from a high place.

Traumatic brain injuries have long-lasting consequences and could lead to permanent disabilities that make it difficult to maintain employment in the future. This type of trauma also frequently results in chronic pain that can last for a lifetime.

Talk to an Attorney about Injuries in a Rock Hill Slip and Fall Case Now

Any loss stemming from a fall is unfortunate, but avoidable injuries are especially frustrating. If your injury occurred due to the careless actions of the property occupier or owner, you might be entitled to compensation. A personal accident lawsuit could help you seek a fair resolution in your case. Call an attorney at Schiller & Hamilton right away to discuss injuries in Rock Hill slip and fall cases.

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