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Brain injuries can have many causes and have different degrees of severity in Rock Hill. Some have an immediate impact, and cause sudden and traumatic pain and neurological damage. Some brain injuries, however, are more subtle, and take several months and even years to show their full effects. At Schiller & Hamilton, our Rock Hill traumatic brain injury lawyers help people who have suffered brain injuries in car wrecks, slip and fall accidents and other personal injury accidents. We are fully equipped to seek maximum compensation for the financial and legal you are facing.

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Recovering Compensation Following an Accident

At the Schiller & Hamilton Law Firm, our Rock Hill brain injury attorneys help people who have been injured by the reckless, careless and negligent actions of individuals and organizations. Brain injuries can sometimes be difficult to detect. But if you have been in an auto accident or sustained a head injury in any other personal injury accident, the following questions may help you determine if something is wrong:

  • Are you having trouble concentrating?
  • Are you uncharacteristically absentminded?
  • Have you experienced memory loss?
  • Have you been irritable or short-tempered since your accident?
  • Do you experience discomfort while reading?

Regardless, you should seek medical attention after any personal injury accident. The information gained from a doctor visit is not only important to your health, but can have a large impact on your legal prospects as well. Attorney Bennett J. Schiller III and our friendly staff have been helping brain injury victims for over 15 years. We are equipped to seek fair and full compensation in your personal injury case.

Sometimes brain injuries can result from whiplash or other accident injuries that seem at first to be less serious. It is important to see a doctor even if you don’t believe your accident was serious, because early diagnosis can help with the prevention of serious brain injuries.

At Schiller & Hamilton, our traumatic brain injury lawyers in Rock Hill will talk with spouses and family members to determine whether there has been any personality changes following the accident — this may be a sign of a serious brain injury. We ask the right questions that are important to determining whether a person suffers from a serious brain injury.

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