Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Rock Hill

Most employees in South Carolina are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, which can provide medical treatment and lost wage payments in the event of an injury. Even when workers’ compensation is available, however, many employees in Rock Hill are unsure how to go about applying for the benefits they need. Furthermore, insurance companies may quickly deny a claim due to inadequate documentation or a failure to follow the proper procedures.

Steps to Take After a Workplace Accident

The first thing an injured worker needs to do after an accident is give notice to their employer. They can report the injury to their immediate supervisor or manager and state very specifically what happened. This report should include the specific injury, date, time, place and body part affected.

The employer then has the duty to fill out a first report of injury and notify their workers’ compensation carrier. That insurance company then investigates the claim and provides medical treatment to the injured worker.

Necessary Forms When Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Along with the first report of injury, employers must also file Form 20, which identifies the wages the individual is owed. The injured worker must file a Form 50, giving notice of the claim or requesting a hearing if the claim has been denied. The claim gets resolved with a Form 15, 16, or 17, depending on how the case concludes. There is also a way to settle the case with a clincher agreement that resolves all aspects of the claim.

The worker, employer, or insurance company file many other forms along the way. If the employer wants to stop paying benefits after a certain period, it has to file a Form 21 and request a hearing. The case then would go in front of a commission, which would decide whether the employer may stop benefits and award something for permanency.

Benefits of a Workman’s Comp Attorney

Applying for workers’ compensation can be difficult when one does not know which forms to fill out and which benefits they are entitled to. If the person does not know what is medically wrong with them and cannot get to a doctor on their own, handling a workers’ compensation case without representation could be catastrophic. Workers’ compensation attorneys understand the available benefits, how to get the medical treatment the worker needs, and how to calculate their weekly benefits properly.

A lawyer handles the claim from start to finish and tries to make sure the injured worker receives all the benefits they need. This includes weekly payments, medical treatment, mileage reimbursement, and prescriptions. If they are referred to other physicians for specialized treatment or surgeries, lawyers can help seek authorizations and schedule procedures in a timely manner.

Let a Rock Hill Attorney Help You Apply for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you were hurt in a workplace accident, you may be entitled to medical treatment and lost wage benefits under your employer’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, applying for workers’ compensation benefits in Rock Hill can sometimes be difficult, and the insurance company could deny your claim. To improve your chance of success, consider contacting an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for guidance and support. Call Schiller & Hamilton for a consultation.

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