Rock Hill Medical Benefits After Workers’ Compensation

The workers’ compensation system is designed to provide comprehensive medical treatment and a portion of lost income for any period when you’re disabled from working. Workers’ comp is supposed to be a streamlined system that limits the scope of benefits in exchange for reducing disputes about coverage and compensation while eliminating disputes about negligence and fault in work-related injuries.

Contact our Rock Hill workers’ compensation attorney today to learn more about the medical benefits.

Medical Benefits Process in Rock Hill

Unfortunately, state law gives the employer’s workers’ compensation insurer a great deal of control over the nature and quality of the medical treatment you receive after an injury at work. You’ll find that the insurer has the right to choose your doctor for you.

When push comes to shove, an insurance doctor has a strong incentive to understate your injuries and clear you to return to work before you have fully recovered. An experienced South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney can protect you from inadequate medical treatment and underdiagnosis of injuries.

If you have been injured at work, contact Schiller & Hamilton in Rock Hill or Lancaster for A Complimentary Strategy Session about your right to proper medical care for injuries suffered at work. While your first attending physician will still be selected by the workers’ compensation insurer, our experience with the medical aspects of job injury claims can protect you in many ways:

  • Arrange second opinions to obtain a correct diagnosis, as when a herniated disc is originally characterized as a neck or back sprain
  • Oppose and appeal orders that clear you to return to work before you’re able to
  • Obtain outside medical advice as to whether a particular operation, treatment, therapy or medication will help you reach a point of maximum medical recovery
  • Protect your interest in recovering lost income for temporary or permanent disabilities while your medical issues remain unresolved
  • Minimize the risk that you will need to pay your own medical expenses for a work-related injury

Our goal is to help people get as much value as possible from the workers’ compensation medical benefits that are available for any work-related accident.  We can help you obtain permanent benefits as well as tempory benefits.

Call an Attorney for Help Claiming Medical Benefits Under Workers’ Comp in Rock Hill

The best time to discuss your workplace injury with an attorney is as soon as possible once you realize you’ll need workers’ comp to cover medical expenses and time away from work. We can help filing your workers’ compensation claim to get you the coverage you deserve.

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