What to Do After a Work Accident in Rock Hill

Most employees in Rock Hill have protection under a workers’ compensation insurance policy. In the event of a workplace injury, these policies can provide a variety of benefits, including medical care, temporary income, and even payments for permanent disability.

However, the insurance companies that administer these policies are not in the business of giving out money. They often look for excuses to deny claims in order to protect their financial interests. As a result, it is essential to take every possible precaution to give your claim the best possible chance for success.

Knowing what to do after a work accident in Rock Hill is a helpful first step. Only by following your obligations under state workers’ compensation law can you hope to obtain the full benefits after your injury.

Reporting the Injury to an Employer

Workers’ compensation insurance plans should provide benefits after a workplace injury. However, they cannot do this if they do not know the injury occurred. Under South Carolina Code §42-15-20, every employee who suffers an injury must give notice to their employer “on the occurrence of an accident, or as soon thereafter as practicable.” Subsection B also states that employees must do this no more than 90 days after the incident occurs. This requirement applies to both acute injuries resulting from accidents and repetitive trauma.

The best way to give an employer notice is in writing. A notification should include an employee’s personal information, the date of the accident, and a short description of how the incident occurred. The employer who receives this notice will then report the incident to their insurance company. Failure to properly notify an employer of an accident is a leading cause of workers’ compensation denials.

Following Through with all Necessary Medical Care

A major portion of workers’ compensation benefits is free medical care. South Carolina Code §42-15-60 says that all workers’ compensation plans must provide ten weeks of medical care for any injured worker. This period may extend if the Commission believes that more care would lessen any effect of a permanent disability on the worker.

Attending treatment sessions and following a doctor’s orders are essential to a workers’ compensation case. At the most basic level, treatment with a doctor will help an employee to make their best recovery. This is in everyone’s best interest and can help people to return to work quicker.

In situations where the incident results in a permanent injury, doctors will also provide their opinion as to the effect of this injury on a person’s residual work ability. This is crucial in the insurance company’s analysis as to how much of a settlement amount will be appropriate in the claim.

Finally, attending doctor appointments can defeat allegations of fraud. A claimant who purports to be unable to work but does not see fit to seek medical care will raise red flags at the insurance company. This can result in a delayed benefit package or a denial of payments altogether. Attending medical appointments is therefore essential to any claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Knowing what to Do After a Work Accident in Rock Hill can Help Promote a Claim for Benefits

Obtaining workers’ compensation benefits following an on the job injury can be a complicated legal battle. It is essential that all injured employees take steps to give themselves the best chance for success.

In some cases, you have a legal duty to provide information to your employer about the accident. In others, attending all necessary medical care is essential to not just your health, but also the future of your claim. An attorney in Rock Hill can help to provide more information about what you should do after a work accident. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to schedule a consultation.

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