York County Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Helmet regulations for motorcyclists differ across the country. While research shows helmets can save lives, many riders value their freedom to ride the way they want. With so many divergent views on the issue, it should come as no surprise that helmet laws vary dramatically across different jurisdictions.

Helmet use not only affects your health, but it can also impact your personal injury claim following a motorcycle accident. In some cases, the helmet that saves your life could also assist you in maximizing your financial compensation. A diligent attorney could not only advise you on York County motorcycle helmet laws, but they could also assist you in pursuing a claim following a crash. Speak to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

How Helmets Save Lives

The primary purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to absorb the impact of a fall or collision. This is vital, as motorcycles do not inherently provide any protection for their riders. Helmets could prove to be life-saving for many riders involved in an accident.

Motorcycle safety devices, such as helmets are beneficial because they can absorb direct impact. Given that they cover a large portion of the rider’s head, they could also limit the effects of road rash after a motorcyclist falls. Due to the possible hazards, it is best for all rider to wear helmets regardless of what state law might require.

Helmet Requirements in York County

Until 1980, York County and the entire state had what was known as a “uniform helmet law.” This uniform law required all riders and passengers to wear a helmet at all times without exception. In 1980, the state legislature loosened these requirements dramatically. Now, helmet requirements vary depending on the age of the rider. South Carolina Code Section 56-5-3660 governs motorcycle helmet usage in York County and statewide.

Under the current statute, there is no requirement for motorcyclists age 21 or older to wear a helmet while driving on state highways or roads. Despite the noted benefits that helmets offer, they are entirely optional one a rider reaches the age of 21.

These helmet rules are notably tighter as they relate to minors. According to the statute, helmets are necessary for motorcycle riders under the age of 21. The failure to comply with this statute could result in a citation and fine.

When Helmets Impact an Injury Claim

In addition to the impact a helmet can have on a rider’s health, it can also play a part in their injury claim following a crash. Whether or not a rider uses a helmet might not play any part in determining the at-fault party in a crash. Helmet use could impact a rider’s recovery in a successful claim.

Plaintiffs in an injury case must mitigate their damages. This means they are required to take steps to reduce the severity of their losses when possible. By failing to wear a helmet, a defendant could argue the plaintiff could have made their injuries worse than necessary following a crash. This could reduce the amount of compensation available in a successful claim.

Retain the Services of a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Understanding motorcycle helmet laws is important for any rider in York County. Not only does compliance with these statutes save lives, but it can also reduce the chance of a ticket for minor riders. Additionally, the use of a helmet could have a positive impact on a rider’s personal injury claim. Call today to learn about how York County motorcycle helmet laws could affect your accident claim.

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