York County Overweight Truck Accident Lawyer

Any time a commercial truck collides with another vehicle, the impact could cause lasting vehicle damage and bodily injuries to anyone within. These trucks are significantly larger than the average passenger car, and this disparity plays an important role in the serious nature of a crash.

The injuries in a truck accident can be substantially worse when a truck involved in a crash weighs more than what is allowed under federal law. The additional weight only adds to the impact, which could result in devastating injuries. The weight of a truck could also increase the risk of a crash, as heavy vehicles are difficult to bring to a stop.

If you or a loved one suffer an injury in a collision with an overloaded tractor-trailer, you could have a claim for compensation. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney could assist you with proving the truck was overweight. With this proof in hand, your York County overweight truck accident lawyer could assist you in bringing legal action.

Weight Limits for Commercial Trucks

Federal regulations apply strict rules regarding the weight of commercial trucks nationwide. There are varying weight limits depending on the type of truck. In general, trucks with more axles are allowed to carry more weight.

Must 18-wheelers are considered “multi-axle” trucks, which allow for a maximum weight of 80,000 pounds. A truck with a single axle, on the other hand, can weigh no more than 20,000. A Two-axle vehicle can weigh as much as 34,000 pounds. In addition to these limits, there are also special licenses that exempt certain trucks from these limits.

Enforcement of these rules falls to the Federal Highway Administration. The agency operates a series of weigh stations designed to catch overweight trucks in the act. Unfortunately, budget limitations often leave many of these stations closed, and weight rules unenforced.

Compensation in an Overweight Truck Crash

The ultimate goal of a York County attorney taking on an overweight truck accident claim is to recover monetary compensation for the injured claimant. This compensation could assist their client in meeting their financial needs while they recover from their injuries.

Medical Expenses

A plaintiff could recover monetary damages to cover the cost of their medical expenses following a crash. Given the potential for severe injuries, these costs could be high. A knowledgeable attorney for a York County resident that was injured in an overweight truck accident could recover damages for emergency room costs, physical therapy, and chiropractic care, among other things.

Vehicle Damage

When an overweight commercial truck strikes a motorist, it is typically the passenger vehicle that gets the worst of it. These cars are often a total loss following a crash. A successful claim could result in money to repair or replace the damaged vehicle.

Lost Wages

A driver that is unable to return to work due to their injuries could be forced to miss out on paychecks until they are well enough to return. Compensation is available through a civil lawsuit that would replace an injured motorist’s income until they are ready to return to work.

Discuss Your Options with a York County Overweight Truck Accident Attorney

The financial strain following a collision with an overweight truck could be substantial. Medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and other expenses could become overwhelming. Meeting these costs is even more challenging if you are unable to work.

A York County overweight truck accident lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton could help you address the financial, emotional, and physical consequences of a crash. Schedule a consultation today.

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