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Your goal after a car accident should be to recover as quickly as possible. You have a life to live, and you may need ample rest and treatment to ensure you can get back to normalcy. You also need a financial recovery, though, and a Gaffney personal injury lawyer from Schiller & Hamilton will fight for it. You will be able to prioritize your health with our team leading your case.

Our firm offers multiple decades of experience—a Gaffney car accident lawyer from our team is ready to lead your case. Call Schiller & Hamilton today for your free consultation. There are no fees or obligations when you speak with us, so don’t wait.

Why Choose Your Gaffney Car Accident Lawyer from Schiller & Hamilton?

Hiring a car accident lawyer means deciding to put your health and financial well-being first. Rather than risk further injury, psychological hardship, or losing the compensation you deserve, trust Schiller & Hamilton to fight for every dollar you are entitled to.

Take a look at how our law firm provides client-focused legal care:

  • We make a complex process pain-free for you: It’s true that insurance claims and lawsuits can be complex, headache-inducing obligations. That’s why our firm will handle every detail of your claim or lawsuit. From dealing with insurers to fighting for a settlement, we’ll take the entirety of your case off your hands.
  • We work hard to get the results car accident victims deserve: Schiller & Hamilton has built an impressive track record of results. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, including many whose lives were forever changed by car accidents.
  • We know Gaffney well: We have four offices strategically located in South Carolina, and we handle many cases in Gaffney. We are conveniently located to represent you, and we won’t waste any time because we know Gaffney and its courts well.
  • Our firm provides total financial support for your case: Schiller & Hamilton will pay filing fees, cover expert fees, and pay for every other case-related expense. We only receive a fee if you receive compensation. This means our payment is tied directly to your financial recovery.
  • We will go to trial: We may settle your case, but we will never settle for less money than you deserve. If those liable for your car accident are unwilling to offer a fair settlement, we will take your case to trial.

Expect a direct relationship with your lawyer, who will contact you regularly with case updates. We have represented car accident victims in South Carolina for more than 25 years, and we strive to deliver the compassion and results you need.

Our Former Clients Are Grateful for Schiller & Hamilton

Our client testimonials reveal a law firm wholly dedicated to our clients’—from both a financial and health standpoint. As our former clients explain, our team cares:

  • “It was excellent. Mr. Schiller was the bomb. He was very helpful, and always checked in with us, and we were very pleased. Mr. Schiller always calls back in a timely manner. He was very organized and always listened to us.” – Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, former clients
  • “I give this law firm a 15 out of 10. They were very friendly and helpful and wanted to help me more than he wanted to help himself. Ben is a really good guy.” – Cory S., former client

We pride ourselves on being different from the typical law firm. When you hire a Gaffney car accident lawyer from our team, you will immediately recognize our level of care and concern for you. Call Schiller & Hamilton today for your free consultation.

Recoverable Damages in Your Gaffney Car Accident Case

We have not done our job unless you receive fair compensation for every accident-related damage. In preparation for settlement negotiations, our firm will create a detailed record of your damages, which may include:

Healthcare Expenses

The average economic cost of a car accident causing disabling injuries is $155,000, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). This is just an average, though, and we have found that medical expenses from a car accident can cost even more than this—and that doesn’t account for other damages.

Mental Health Treatment Expenses

We will seek compensation for any mental health treatment you receive after your accident, including medications and therapy. 

Lost Income

If your accident causes you to miss work, you may lose:

  • Your regular income
  • Earning power
  • Bonuses
  • Promotions
  • Benefits
  • The psychological benefit of working

We will value these damages and demand that liable parties cover their cost.

Pain and Suffering

Our team knows all too well that a car accident can cause immense pain and suffering, including:

  • Injury-related pain
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Lost quality of life
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep issues
  • Scarring and disfigurement

The effects of a car accident may even contribute to substance abuse issues and suicidality, especially when the victim has a severe psychological reaction. Your Gaffney auto accident lawyer will work with mental health experts to evaluate your pain and suffering.

Property Expenses

We will account for damage to your vehicle, clothing, phone, and any other items damaged during the car accident in Gaffney, SC.

Our Gaffney wrongful death lawyers also represent clients who lose loved ones because of fatal car accidents. 

Let Dedicated Car Accident Lawyers Fight for You

Our team is ready to start your case today, and we will not stop fighting until you receive the compensation you deserve. We will:

  • Obtain all evidence that is relevant to your case
  • Document damages you’ve suffered because of the accident
  • Calculate a fair settlement figure 
  • Negotiate a settlement on your behalf
  • Complete a trial, if necessary
  • Manage every other aspect of your case

We take the entire case off your hands, meaning you are free to prioritize your health and recovery.

Call Schiller & Hamilton Today for Your Free, No-Obligation Consultation

Your Gaffney car accident lawyer may face a deadline for filing your case. Waiting to retain an attorney could be financially catastrophic, as we must beat all deadlines for you to seek the money you deserve.

Call Schiller & Hamilton today for your free consultation. Ask us questions and learn more about why our firm is fit to represent you.

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