Beaufort Personal Injury Lawyer

Serious accidents can be devastating to you and your family. You may suffer severe physical injuries, mental trauma, and financial stress in the aftermath of a catastrophic accident. If you were hurt due to the negligent actions of others, a Beaufort personal injury lawyer may be able to seek compensation from all liable parties.

When others are careless with your safety, the law permits you to seek compensation for your losses. Although money cannot make up for what happened to you, it can ease your economic concerns and help you focus on your physical and emotional recovery. A compassionate accident attorney may be able to assess your circumstances, evaluate your damages, negotiate a fair settlement, or proceed to trial on your behalf.

Negligence and Fault in Injury Cases

Most personal injury cases rely on the concept of negligence, or the failure to exercise a reasonable degree of care for the safety of other parties. Regardless of whether the injuries stemmed from a motor vehicle accident, defective prescription drug, or a slip and fall on a slick grocery store floor, providing proof of negligence is fundamental to most injury claims.

Negligence requires the establishment of four distinct elements:

  • Duty to reasonably protect the safety of others
  • Breach of the duty of reasonable care
  • The breach proximately caused victims to sustain injuries
  • Victims suffered damages as a result of their injuries

In some situations, injury victims may be somewhat responsible for their own accident, along with other parties. In these cases, the injured parties may still be able to pursue compensation under the legal principles of comparative negligence. If a Beaufort personal injury attorney establishes that other parties bear more than 50% of the fault, the injury victims could pursue the other parties for damages.

However, victims can only recover the percentage of damages equal to the percentage of fault of other parties. For instance, if a victim is 10% at fault for the accident that led to their injuries, then they may recover only 90% of their damages.

Recoverable Damages in Beaufort

The damages available in a claim depend on the type of accident, the extent of the injuries, and the degree of fault that other parties bear for the accident. Potential damages in may include:

  • Medical expenses ranging from hospital bills to rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income and loss of capacity to earn future income
  • Property damages
  • Pain and suffering and emotional distress

If evidence shows that parties acted recklessly or willfully in causing an accident, then those parties may also be liable for punitive damages. A personal injury attorney in Beaufort may be able to help determine whether a claim for punitive damages is warranted in a particular situation.

Enlist the Help of a Beaufort Personal Injury Attorney Today

When you suffer injuries in an accident, your whole world may turn upside down as you struggle to deal with new medical problems and financial stress. In this situation, a Beaufort personal injury lawyer may be able to help you hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions and the costs of your injuries.

The range of damages in a case can be expansive, covering everything from medical bills to compensation for pain and suffering. The law also imposes strict time limits for pursuing different types of injury and wrongful death claims. For this reason, consulting with legal counsel quickly may be crucial to initiating and maintaining a valid and successful personal injury claim. To learn more and discuss your situation, schedule a consultation with one of the skilled lawyers at Schiller & Hamilton today.