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Most goods travel from factories to store shelves in a truck. Because manufacturers, distributors, and consumers alike demand the speedy delivery of sales items, there is often an incentive for commercial truck drivers to work without proper rest.

If you were injured in a commercial truck collision due to driver error, fatigue may be a factor in a potential claim for compensation. An experienced truck accident lawyer in Beaufort could investigate a fatigued truck driver accident in Beaufort to identify any negligent behavior or safety regulation violations.

Injuries in Beaufort Tractor-Trailer Wrecks

According to the National Highway Safety Board, collisions involving commercial tractor-trailers and tankers are the number one cause of fatalities and serious injuries on highways in the United States. Because the average commercial truck is twenty times heavier than the average passenger vehicle, even the safest models could be destroyed in traffic crashes with semis.

Collisions between trucks and passenger vehicles are often fatal or cause life-altering physical damage. Some of the injuries that commonly occur as a result of truck accidents include:

A person who has sustained such devastating injuries might be entitled to damages for their economic losses, as well as payment to compensate for their pain, suffering, mental trauma, and changed life circumstances. For those who were affected by a negligent truck operator accident, a skilled Beaufort personal injury attorney in the community could help to calculate their losses and work tirelessly to hold the responsible parties accountable.

Truck Driver Rest Regulations

Because trucker fatigue is such a dangerous and pervasive problem, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued detailed rules about truck operator work hours. According to these regulations, a commercial driver may not:

  • Drive for more than 11 hours in a 14-hour period
  • Go more than eight hours without a 30-minute break
  • Drive after working a full 14-hour day until at least 10 hours have elapsed
  • Work for more than 70 hours, including time that is not spent driving, in any eight-day period

Federal regulations require tractor-trailer drivers to keep logs of their work time. Unfortunately, financial circumstances often reward quick delivery, which may lead truckers to set unrealistic schedules that offer inadequate rest time or violate the speed limit to make up for unexpected delays.

In reality, commercial truck drivers often work when they are tired, leading to carelessness and collisions on the road. In the case of a personal injury claim, a diligent Beaufort attorney could review the truck’s black box and driver logs to determine whether its operator was violating the FMCSA driver fatigue rules.

Filing Period in Beaufort Truck Collision Claims

South Carolina Code §15-3-530 allows an injured person three years from the date of an accident to file a lawsuit claiming damages. In a truck collision case, especially those alleging driver error and fatigue, this deadline can be difficult to meet without the nearby support of a determined legal professional.

Those involved in tractor-trailer wrecks often require months or years to recover. Some injuries may even have lifelong and debilitating effects, making it difficult for victims to pursue civil action without assistance. Reconstructing a traffic crash is a long process that requires the input of experts, and identifying all possible defendants in a potential fatigued driver claim can also take significant time to investigate. For these reasons, it is recommended that a truck collision victim enlist the support of a local attorney as soon as possible after their accident.

Pursue your Fatigued Truck Driver Accident Case with an Experienced Beaufort Attorney

Although these types of crashes are common in Beaufort, securing compensation for injuries sustained in a fatigued truck driver accident is not easy. You need a savvy attorney to take your side against the aggressive defense attorneys of commercial truck drivers and their employers.

After any traffic collision, it is best to concentrate on your recovery and allow a seasoned legal professional to handle the negotiations toward appropriate compensation. Call for your free case review with Schiller & Hamilton today.

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