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If you were hurt after using a defective product or as a result of a particular event, it is entirely possible that others have sustained similar injuries. In some cases, multiple victims may all be able to file claims for damages. If you are in this situation, a Beaufort mass torts lawyer could assess your case and determine whether you have grounds for a lawsuit.

Mass tort claims may allow you and other injured parties to seek compensation for your injuries. You may have claims against a product manufacturer, supplier, or distributor, depending on the details of your case. An experienced Beaufort personal injury attorney could be instrumental in helping you and others get the compensation that you deserve.

What are Mass Torts?

Mass tort litigation is similar to class action litigation in some ways but different in others. In a class action lawsuit, the same attorney files one lawsuit on behalf of all injured parties, whereas in mass tort claims, individual attorneys may file separate suits on behalf of injury victims. However, the attorneys can collaborate and share their evidence and findings to streamline the legal proceedings and ensure that no victim is solely responsible for the costs of the litigation.

The allegedly responsible parties may have to defend themselves in multiple courts across the country. For example, numerous firms located in different states may maintain separate lawsuits on behalf of one or more victims in those jurisdictions.

Common Examples of Class-Action Litigation

There are many varieties of mass tort litigation, but there some scenarios that result in mass torts more than others. These situations include:

  • Victims of plane crashes or large-scale motor vehicle accidents
  • Consumers injured by prescription drugs or medical devices
  • Victims of mass shootings and other mass disasters
  • Consumers subjected to unfair business practices

Mass tort litigation may ensue when more than one person sustains injuries from using a defective product or if more than one person is injured at some disastrous event or occurrence. In most cases, however, there are more than just a few victims.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Mass Torts in Beaufort?

Mass tort litigation tends to benefit injured consumers in various ways. For example, injury victims could reap the benefits of the collective knowledge and skills of multiple lawyers, all of whom have extensive experience. This arrangement allows for the free flow of information, discovery, and strategy that can be essential to the success of mass tort litigation.

Parties also can benefit financially. While some lawyers may have more clients than others, and thus more at stake in mass tort litigation, all clients may benefit from the combined forces of expert witnesses that may be necessary to maintain the claims for damages.

Additionally, a large team of attorneys, including a mass torts attorney in Beaufort, can spread the work and the costs of sifting through evidence, which tends to be more efficient and effective.

Contact a Beaufort Mass Torts Attorney for Advice

Mass tort litigation may give you the chance to seek compensation for your injuries. It may also allow you to join with others who are in the same position and use your collective strength to fight back against injustice.

While it may seem difficult or even impossible to take on a large company on your own, the combined efforts of many injury victims can send a strong message to those who have harmed them. By taking a stand against companies who hurt consumers, you may also be able to obtain compensation for your injuries. Contact a Beaufort mass torts lawyer today at Schiller & Hamilton today to schedule a consultation.

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