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No matter their size, canines can be ferocious. Sometimes, even unprovoked dogs attack and cause serious injuries. Fortunately, victims of animal attacks may have legal options available to help compensate them for their physical injuries, emotional anguish, and financial expenses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that about 36 percent of Americans have at least one pet dog. Over four million dog bites occur each year, and 20 percent of the resulting wounds become infected.

If you were attacked by a dog, it may be wise to consider discussing your situation with a seasoned Beaufort personal injury attorney. A Beaufort dog bite lawyer may be able to hold the pet owner accountable and recover compensation on your behalf.

Canine Attacks in Beaufort

Because domesticated dogs have about 60 forms of bacteria in their mouths, victims may become ill after being bitten. Possible post-bite infections include MRSA, rabies, and Pasteurella. In some cases, the resulting infections can be more life-threatening than the original wound.

A dog owner might become liable for any illnesses or infections that flow from their pet’s bite or attack. Complications from infections after even the smallest bite may lead to hefty medical bills and missed work. Moreover, victims often face mental anguish and a great deal of pain.

People who have suffered a dog bite may have nightmares and psychological symptoms in addition to the physical effects of the bite. A capable Beaufort dog bite attorney may be able to assist the victim of a canine attack with recovering compensation for their injuries.

Lawsuits Against Dog Owners in Beaufort

Per South Carolina Code §47-3-110, dog owners are strictly liable for harms caused by their dogs. Other types of attacks may also make the dog’s owner or caregiver liable for harms caused by the animal.

However, the law does protect a dog owner from liability when a plaintiff is deemed to have provoked the dog. For this reason, defendants may argue that the victim was partially or wholly to blame for the incident. A diligent dog bite lawyer in Beaufort may be able to establish that the circumstances of the injury were sudden and not the fault of the claimant.

A Victim’s Status May Impact a Claim

In order for a dog bite victim to be eligible for compensation, they must have been lawfully present on the premises. As a result, one common defense in dog bite cases is that the plaintiff was a trespasser.

Notably, there are situations in which someone might have implied authorization to be in the vicinity of the animal. For example, package delivery drivers and utility workers may not be considered trespassers even if the dog owner did not give them express permission to enter the premises. An adept dog bite attorney in Beaufort could help argue for a victim’s lawful status and preserve their eligibility for compensation.

Get in Touch with a Beaufort Dog Bite Attorney

If you are were attacked by a dog, you may be suffering both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, you may have grounds for a lawsuit against the dog owner.

A skilled Beaufort dog bite lawyer could analyze the facts of your case and pursue full compensation on your behalf. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to set up a consultation with an attorney.

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