Beaufort Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities exist to provide medical care and assistance that elderly loved ones need, but in some cases, they may not receive necessary care or may even become subject to abuse. If you or a family member suffered from mistreatment by individuals who were supposed to provide care, you may need to contact a Beaufort nursing home abuse lawyer for assistance.

All too often, nursing home residents fail to speak up when they are suffering abuse or neglect, which makes the advocacy and care of family members even more crucial. A personal injury attorney may be able to assist your family in holding nursing facilities responsible when your loved one has suffered abuse.

The Types of Neglect in Nursing Homes

Many incidents of nursing home abuse go unreported, which makes it more difficult to estimate the exact number of nursing home residents who have experienced abuse. Many sources, including the National Center on Elder Abuse, indicate that thousands of elderly Americans residing in nursing homes suffer abuse or neglect each year.

Elder abuse in nursing homes can take many different forms, all of which may be compensable through a personal injury action. Some of the possible types of elder abuse of nursing home residents include:

  • Physical abuse or threats to inflict bodily harm on residents
  • Emotional abuse such as name-calling, shaming, yelling, and otherwise causing residents anguish
  • Sexual abuse by fellow residents or facility employees
  • Exploitation that involves taking advantage of the financial resources or property owned by residents

Family members of nursing home residents are often the first to suspect that abuse is occurring, either at the hands of staff persons, outside contractors who do business with nursing homes, or other residents of the facility. When family members discover the possible signs of abuse in their loved ones who are residing in nursing homes, turning to a Beaufort nursing home abuse attorney for help holding them accountable may be a good move.

Common Signs of Mistreatment in Care Facilities

All individuals whose loved ones residing in nursing homes should take care to check on their relatives and friends regularly. They also should be aware of some of the most common signs of abuse in nursing home residents, including:

  • Unexplained bruises, restraint marks, cuts, and other injuries
  • Fearfulness, withdrawal from normal behaviors, and distress during bathing or changing clothes
  • Poor hygiene, development of pressure sores, soiled bedding, and clothing
  • Weight loss, hair loss, lack of alertness, and loss of bladder or bowel control

While some of these behaviors may be attributable to illness, age, or mental decline, they also may constitute signs of abuse. Family members who suspect abuse is occurring to a nursing home resident may want to take immediate action to prevent further injury by speaking with nursing home management and contacting the South Carolina Department of Social Services to make a report. Following this, they should consider consulting with a nursing home mistreatment lawyer in Beaufort about the potential for further legal action.

Talk to a Beaufort Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Today

When you placed your loved ones in an assisted living facility, you had faith that they would be adequately cared for and protected. If a nursing home fails to live up to their legal duty of care, a Beaufort nursing home abuse lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton could help you hold them responsible for their negligent actions.

You may be able to seek damages from the nursing home if they have permitted or inflicted abuse on your loved one. Potential damages may include the costs of relocation to a different facility, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and, in some cases, wrongful death.

By seeking compensation, you may be able to hold negligent nursing homes accountable for the harms that your loved ones have endured. Call today to review your options with a skilled lawyer and get started on your case.

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