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When you are driving on the highways near Bluffton, you likely make every effort to avoid a crash. Unfortunately, not all drivers are as careful. Accidents occur on highways frequently, and they often have devastating consequences.

A vehicle collision on a highway can lead to serious bodily injuries and property damage. When a motor vehicle collision occurs due to the negligence of another person, a dedicated Bluffton highway car accident lawyer could help you seek compensation.

Determining the at-fault party and investigating the facts of a crash are only one part of building a winning injury claim. An experienced car accident attorney could assist you with your claim from start to finish.

Potential Defendants in a Highway Car Accident Claim

It may not always be immediately obvious who is responsible for a highway car accident. In fact, these accidents often involve more than two drivers. In certain cases, identifying which driver has caused a highway collision can take a thorough investigation. A skilled Bluffton attorney investigating a highway car accident could find that some accidents are not caused by motorists at all.

The most common defendant in a car accident lawsuit is the other driver involved in a crash. These drivers could cause a highway car accident based on a number of factors. Many highway drivers are on the road for long stretches of time, which can lead to fatigued or distracted driving. Intoxicated drivers also commonly cause crashes on highways. Ultimately, any moving violation could create a cause of action against another driver.

In limited situations, a plaintiff could also bring a lawsuit against a state, local, or even federal government following a crash. These claims are typically based on a road defect. The government entity in charge of a specific stretch of highway is required to maintain it in a safe condition. If the responsible government entity fails to maintain the road or even defectively designs it, that entity could face civil liability for a crash.

Some vehicle accidents occur when a vehicle part becomes defective or fails. These defects could involve a faulty steering wheel, defective tires, or compromised cruise control systems. If a defect is present, an injured driver could pursue legal action against the manufacturer.

Negotiating with the Insurance Companies

Regardless of the specific defendant in a highway car accident, it is possible that they are covered by some form of insurance policy. Other drivers are typically required to maintain liability insurance, and even car part manufacturers often maintain insurance coverage for their defective parts. The end result often sees a Bluffton highway car accident attorney face-off with lawyers provided by an insurance company.

Dealing with an insurance company can be complicated without an attorney. Their legal counsel and claims adjusters have extensive training in avoiding responsibility for an injury claim. They are often aggressive, pushing plaintiffs to settle for less than a claim is worth. An attorney could push back on these tactics and negotiate a fair value for their client’s claim.

Discuss your options with a Bluffton Highway Car Accident Attorney

Whether you were struck by a reckless driver or lost control due to a poorly-designed road, you could have a damages claim following a highway crash. Pursuing these claims often means taking on a powerful insurance company, however.

The right Bluffton highway car accident lawyer will have the experience and skill to deal with insurance companies and the attorneys they hire. To learn what to expect from the claims process, call Schiller & Hamilton today.

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