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It is vital for every motorist to keep their attention focused on the road and parties around them. This is particularly true for commercial truck drivers, as they drive large vehicles that can cause substantial damage if involved in a collision.

Unfortunately, inattentive driving among semi drivers is one of the major risks on highways. Each year, 18-wheeler operators cause wrecks while distracted by mobile phones, food, or even conversations with passengers. A well-versed big rig crash attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could help you learn about the legal options following distracted driving truck accidents in Bluffton.

Types of Trucking Distractions

Not all distractions are the same. Distractions related to mobile devices are one of the most common causes of collisions, but these devices are only one of the factors that could lead to distraction. In fact, there are three main types of distractions that could result in a Bluffton 18-wheeler wreck. These include visual, mental, and physical distractions.

Visual Distractions

A visual distraction is something that causes a rig driver to take their eyes off the road. This could include reading a text message, watching a video, or adjusting the radio. Large trailers can travel a substantial distance in a manner of seconds, so a driver who briefly takes their eyes off the road could cause a devastating wreck.

Mental Distractions

Some distractions occur if a driver’s mind is on something other than driving. Mental distractions could occur through conversing with a passenger or daydreaming. Not being mentally present while driving could slow a trucker’s reaction time and make it difficult for them to avoid a crash.

Physical Distractions

It is important for truck operators to keep their hands on the wheel while driving. A physical distraction is anything that causes a semi driver to take a hand off the wheel. Some examples include eating, reaching for an object in the cab of the truck, or grooming. Along with being a visual distraction, texting on a phone is also a physical distraction.

Liability for an Inattentive Semi Driver Collision in Bluffton

It is understandable to wonder who might be at fault for a distracted driving 18-wheeler collision in Bluffton. In most cases, the injured party might pursue a claim against the distracted driver that caused the wreck. If wrecks are caused by a rig driver, they could face civil liability for the losses that resulted from the crash.

However, the driver is not the only party that might be liable for the collision. Their employer could also face civil liability for injury claims resulting from the wreck. This is possible in two ways: vicarious liability and the duty to hire responsible employees.

Vicarious Liability

Employers are often responsible for the negligence of their employees. Even if the employer did not directly do anything wrong, if their employee did, then they could still be held responsible. If the driver was within the scope of their employment at the time of the crash, the hurt party could sue the driver and their employer.

Hiring Responsibly

The negligence of the rig company could also make them the target of a lawsuit. Employers have a duty when it comes to the hiring process. If a trucking company hired a person with a history of distracted driving accidents or other dangerous behaviors, they could face liability if that driver causes an accident.

Contact an Attorney about Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Bluffton Now

A crash with a distracted semi driver could have life-altering consequences for you and anyone in your vehicle. If you are ready to hold that driver accountable, an experienced injury attorney could help. Call Schiller & Hamilton right away to discuss distracted driving truck accidents in Bluffton.

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