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A rear-end vehicle collision occurs when a driver collides with the rear of the vehicle in front of them. These accidents are common, and countless factors could contribute to them. While many rear-end accidents result in little more than dented bumpers, these accidents have the potential for severe injury. One of the major risks of a rear-end crash is the high propensity for neck injuries. Injuries like whiplash are common in these accidents due to the sudden jolt from the rear that drivers typically experience.

If you or a loved one were injured in a rear-end car crash, a seasoned car accident attorney could help your case. By pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, you could obtain compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related damages. A Bluffton rear-end car accident lawyer could provide the skill and experienced necessary to help you prevail on your claim.

Common Factors in a Rear-End Crash

A rear-end collision is possible at any point where one vehicle is directly behind another. However, some factors are common in this type of accident. Understanding these factors could be valuable during the course of an injury claim.

Distraction such as texting while driving is one of the major factors in these accidents. When a driver looks away from the road for even a brief period, they increase their chances of a collision. During the time they are not paying attention, traffic ahead of them could slow or come to a halt.

Following another vehicle too closely is another common factor. Cars cannot stop on a dime in most cases, which means motorists should leave ample room between themselves and the lead car. Failing to do so could result in an accident.

Speeding is another common factor. When driving too fast, it could be difficult for a driver to avoid a hazard directly in their path. In any of these cases, a knowledgeable Bluffton rear-end car accident attorney could help an accident victim seek financial compensation for their injuries.

Responsibility for a Rear-End Collision in Bluffton

In most cases, the driver of the back vehicle in a rear-end collision is responsible for the accident. Every driver has the responsibility to watch for traffic in front of them, making it the back driver’s responsibility to avoid colliding with the lead car. In many cases, the car in the front could be slowing or even at a complete stop.

That does not mean that the rear driver will not place the blame on the driver of the front vehicle. While uncommon, a defendant could argue that an action by the plaintiff was ultimately responsible for the crash. It falls to a Bluffton rear-end car accident attorney to establish that the back driver was at fault for the crash.

Seek Help from a Bluffton Rear-End Car Accident Attorney Today

Rear-end car collisions could have devastating consequences. Injured motorists are often left with severe neck, and head injuries. The costs of treating severe injuries could be detrimental to a family. A diligent attorney could help you protect your rights and recover compensation for all of your damages.

Speak to a Bluffton rear-end car accident lawyer to discuss your case and legal options.

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