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After a Bluffton rollover accident, your life may never be the same. Temporary or permanent injuries, lost wages, and high medical expenses can all wreak havoc on your health, your finances, and your family’s lives. Fortunately, Schiller & Hamilton can make things easier for you.

If you suffered injuries in a rollover accident in Bluffton, our lawyers can handle your case while you focus on your health. Our Bluffton car accident lawyer would be proud to file a lawsuit on your behalf and fight for compensation for everything you have lost—all for no upfront fees.

What Does Our Rollover Accident Lawyer Do?

Our South Carolina personal injury attorneys are focused on fighting for you. While you get treatment for your injuries and discuss your future with your family, we would be hard at work on your case, performing tasks such as:

Meeting Deadlines

While you do have a right to seek compensation after a car accident, this right is time-sensitive. Per S.C. Ann. § 15-3-530, after three years, you are no longer eligible for compensation.

We encourage you to speak with us about your case as soon as possible. That way, we have plenty of time to tell you about your legal options and file all paperwork well within the deadline.

Collecting Evidence

We want to examine all of the available evidence regarding your case, including:

  • The car accident report
  • Your medical records
  • Statements from experts, such as doctors or accident reconstruction specialists
  • Photos and video of the scene

The information we gather through evidence can help us identify the at-fault party and calculate the exact amount of compensation they owe you.

Negotiating a Settlement

Negotiations are not an option in every case, but in many instances, we are able to spare our clients the time and hassle of a trial by working out a pretrial settlement agreement with the insurance company.

To recover such a settlement, our Bluffton rollover accident lawyer can:

  • Arrange a time and place to meet with the insurance company’s representatives
  • Use our evidence to persuade the insurer that our case is strong and that the best way to end the case quickly is by agreeing to pay what we have asked for
  • Draw up a settlement agreement that enables you to start receiving your money as quickly as possible

Going to Court

What happens if the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement or if negotiations are not the right strategy for your case? We can take your case to court instead.

With us representing you, you would not have to worry about standing in front of a jury and arguing your case by yourself. We would speak on your behalf. We can also:

  • Select the jury members who will consider your case
  • Submit trial exhibits to the judge
  • Present persuasive opening and closing arguments

Your case might take a while to resolve, especially if we end up having to fight the liable party at a trial. This is another good reason to hire our firm to deal with legal matters: we can pursue your case for as long as it takes while you get more time to spend on undergoing treatment and relaxing with loved ones.

What Compensation Is Available for Rollover Accidents?

As with any other type of personal injury, you can seek compensation for all of the losses and injuries that you can prove were caused by the liable party’s negligence. For example, you might qualify for:

  • Medical expenses: This could include both the treatment itself (e.g., hospitalization, medication) and any lifestyle modifications necessary to accommodate your injuries (e.g., home renovations).
  • Pain and suffering: You should never have had to endure such trauma and pain. Both your physical and mental struggles are compensable.
  • Loss of wages: You depend on your job to support your family. If you cannot work due to your injuries, the liable party should pay you for your lost income.
  • Disability: For our purposes, a disability can refer to any injury that temporarily or permanently inhibits your ability to move, think, or control yourself.
  • Property damage: In rollover accidents, the most likely property damage is damage done to your vehicle. A lawsuit can help you afford to fix or replace it.

This is not an all-inclusive list of damages you could qualify for. When you tell us about your accident and the effects it has had on you, we can help you compile a complete list of damages you are eligible for. Without our professional guidance, you run the risk of:

  • Underestimating or overestimating the worth of your case
  • Leaving out a type of damage that you qualify for
  • Giving the insurance company the opportunity to take advantage of your inexperience
  • Not finding enough evidence to support all of the damages you ask for

Fatal Rollover Accidents in Bluffton

Rollover car accidents are often very violent. As a result, not everyone involved in such accidents survives long enough to file a lawsuit or even to get to the hospital.

If your loved one was the victim of a rollover accident, please accept our condolences and allow our wrongful death attorney to fight for justice in your case. We can:

  • File your case within the statute of limitations, which is the same (three years) as the deadline for personal injury cases
  • Calculate how much your family deserves for your financial losses (like funeral costs) as well as emotional pain (like loss of companionship)
  • Identify the liable party and make sure they are held accountable for their role in your loved one’s preventable, premature death

In Bluffton, you can file a wrongful death case if you are the victim’s spouse or child or, in some cases, their parent. Our firm can let you know if you are entitled to damages and, if so, pursue your case while you focus on processing your loss.

We Are Accepting Rollover Accident Cases Now

Would you like more information about Schiller & Hamilton and how our Bluffton rollover accident lawyer can help you? Contact us now. A member of our team can take your call and assess your case at no cost or obligation. We never charge attorney’s fees up front, instead preferring to accept payment only after you recover compensation.

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