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When you use a prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) drug, you expect it to help you manage your illness or medical condition. Many drugs have minor side-effects, but medication should not do more harm than good.

When drug manufacturers release their products too quickly, they may overlook problems and risk hurting consumers. If you or a loved one was injured after taking an unsafe medication, you may wish to speak with a Bluffton dangerous drugs lawyer. A diligent accident attorney from Schiller & Hamilton could help you pursue a legal claim.

What Causes a Drug to Become Dangerous?

There are many potential issues that could result in a dangerous drug entering the market. Any defects in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of the medication could lead to widespread harm.

Some issues are inherent in the design of the medication, meaning every batch of the drug is unsafe. These types of problems should be caught during the testing phase of product development. However, companies may cut corners and ignore concerning data to get their drugs to the approval stage faster.

There could also be manufacturing issues that impact limited batches of the product. Defects such as these often occur due to employee error. Failing to warn consumers of potential side-effects is considered a marketing defect. Pharmaceutical companies must put clear warning labels on their products to inform consumers of potential side-effects.

Regardless of how a particular medication became unsafe, injured parties should reach out to a lawyer who focuses on dangerous drug claims. Without the help of experienced legal counsel, it would be difficult to face a large pharmaceutical company.

Proving a Medication is Defective in a Bluffton Injury Case

Taking a drug manufacturer to court is a challenging process. Consumers must gather a significant amount of evidence to prove the drug was defective, they used the drug as intended, and the defect caused them harm.

A skilled attorney would ask questions and examine all the facts of the case to prove the medication caused the consumer’s injury. A lawyer might ask questions such as:

  • How long was the drug in production before it reached the public?
  • Were the potential side-effects listed on the drug?
  • Were the consumers notified of any hazards of the drug?
  • Was there a recall issued before the affected person taking it?

Anyone suffering from the dangerous side-effects of an unsafe drug should speak with a seasoned lawyer about their case. Working with a reputable law firm could improve an injured party’s chances of success in court.

Take the Next Steps with a Bluffton Dangerous Drugs Attorney

If you or a family member has suffered harm due to a dangerous drug, you should not take on the manufacturer on your own. This area of law is complex, and any minor error could hurt your case. If you wish to pursue compensation for your damages, reach out to a Bluffton dangerous drugs lawyer.

At Schiller & Hamilton, our attorneys could guide you through all the critical legal processes and manage your case. Schedule a free consultation today to get started.

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