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While any car accident has the potential to be traumatic, the injuries that result from a collision with a drunk driver can be especially devastating. Inebriated drivers often lack the awareness to avoid a collision or reduce the impact of an impending crash.

You could have options when it comes to holding a drunk driver accountable for the crash they caused. In addition to the criminal case that may be brought against them, you could also seek financial compensation with the help of a dedicated auto collision attorney. Let the legal professionals at Schiller & Hamilton advise you of your rights following a drunk driving car accident in Bluffton.

Pursuing a Civil Lawsuit after a Drunk Driving Auto Accident

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is against the law in Bluffton. Anyone injured in an accident with a drunk driver could pursue a civil lawsuit against the intoxicated person, regardless of whether they are charged or convicted for driving under the influence. If a criminal case is successful however, the DUI conviction could be used as evidence of an inebriated driver’s liability in a civil lawsuit. In many situations, a civil case could be the best option to obtain justice following an accident with a drunk driver.

Common Fact Patterns in Drunk Driving Car Accident Cases

When a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, their ability to safely operate a vehicle is reduced. Specifically, inebriated drivers have a reduced reaction time, diminished decision-making ability, and a higher likelihood of dozing off while behind the wheel.

These factors often combine to result in severe, if not fatal, head-on and rear-end collisions. Drunk drivers frequently cause front-end accidents by veering across the center line and entering oncoming traffic. Given their lack of reaction time, inebriated motorists often fail to notice the traffic in front of them slowing or coming to a halt, potentially causing them to strike the car in front of them at full speed.

Common Drunk Driving Accident Injuries

Any car accident could lead to serious injuries, but collisions with drunk drivers are often severe because many of them fail to reduce their speed prior to a crash. Some injuries that are common with drunk driving auto accidents in Bluffton include:

Each of these injuries could result in costly medical care. A successful civil lawsuit could recover compensation to cover an injured person’s medical expenses. In the event that a drunk driver causes someone to lose their life prematurely, the deceased individual’s surviving loved ones may be able to pursue a separate wrongful death or survival action lawsuit for damages.

Talk to a Bluffton Attorney about Your Drunk Driving Car Accident

It is important to speak with legal counsel as soon as possible after a drunk driving car accident in Bluffton. These collisions can have life-altering consequences, and the financial and personal costs that come with your recovery could be more than you’re prepared to handle alone.

An experienced attorney with Schiller & Hamilton could hold a drunk driver accountable in civil court on your behalf. Call right away to learn more about our team can do for you.

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