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Children are naturally curious but often lack the reasoning skills to note potential hazards. For this reason, adults have a responsibility to keep the children around them safe. When someone else’s negligence causes your child to suffer an injury, it can be devastating.

Fortunately, you could take legal action on their behalf. A Bluffton child injury lawyer could work with you to build a case against the at-fault party. With the help of a dedicated personal injury lawyer, you could obtain the compensation you need to help your child recover.

Common Accidents Involving Minors

Children can sustain severe injuries in a wide range of accidents. Many of these incidents occur due to negligent acts committed by adults. Some of the most common child injury cases the lawyers at Schiller & Hamilton handle involve birth injuries, defective products, dog bites, school bus accidents, and attractive nuisances.

Birth Injuries

Newborns can become injured due to the actions of negligent physicians or other healthcare professionals. If a doctor does not act within the standard of care during the labor and delivery process, the newborn can suffer life-threatening injuries.

Some of the most common birth injuries include bruising from the incorrect use of forceps, oxygen deprivation, spinal cord injuries, bone fractures, and facial paralysis. These severe injuries could result in long-term developmental issues.

Dangerous Products

Some children’s toys or hygiene products are flawed due to design, manufacturing, or warning labeling defects. When one of these dangerous toys hits the market, it could present a hazard to numerous children.

Dog Bites

Animal attacks are another common type of childhood accident. When a child is bitten by a dog, they can suffer deep puncture wounds or even infection. South Carolina holds dog owners strictly liable for any injuries their pets inflict, even if they have never attacked anyone before.

School Bus Accidents

If the driver of a school bus operates the vehicle while tired, distracted, or under the influence, it can result in serious accidents. Alternatively, a reckless driver in another vehicle could strike a school bus, causing a devastating wreck. These accident claims may involve several parties, including the school administration and all the drivers.

Attractive Nuisance Accidents

Swimming pools and other structures become attractive nuisances when they do not feature the proper fencing or warning signage. These sites appeal to children who do not fully understand the dangers involved. If a child injures themselves on another person’s property due to an attractive nuisance such as an unfenced pool, there may be a valid claim against the owner.

Time Limit to File a Child Injury Case in Bluffton

The statute of limitations applies to all personal injury cases. This is the legal deadline by which injured parties must file their claims for accidental injuries. According to state law, most plaintiffs have three years from the date of the accident to file personal injury claims.

However, there may be certain expectations to this rule when the injured party is a minor child. Nonetheless, parents consult a local attorney familiar with child injury cases as soon as possible after the accident. Acting quickly could help plaintiffs avoid missing this crucial deadline.

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If your child was recently in an accident that could have been prevented, reach out to Schiller & Hamilton today. A Bluffton child injury lawyer could examine your case and help you determine how to move forward. Contact our office today to schedule a free case review.

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