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Any tractor-trailer accident can cause significant injuries. However, if a large commercial vehicle strikes the side of your car, the ensuing injuries could lead to severe injuries. Due to the long-lasting effects of side-impact truck accidents in Bluffton, victims often have the opportunity to take legal action.

If you have recently been in a T-bone collision, you should get a well-trained truck injury lawyer on your side. Working with an attorney at Schiller & Hamilton could improve your chances of succeeding in your case.

Common Causes of Broadside Collisions

Side-impact accidents, or broadside collisions, occur when the front of a vehicle strikes the side of another car. These types of crashes are common at intersections when one driver runs a red light. Potential causes of T-bone truck wrecks may include:

  • Fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Faulty brakes
  • Inclement weather
  • Impairment due to drugs or alcohol

Regardless of the cause of the crash, a broadside collision with an 18-wheeler can result in life-threatening injuries for the driver and passengers of the smaller car. The sides of most passenger cars do not provide much protection against T-bone accidents, leaving victims vulnerable to neck injuries, spinal cord damage, or head trauma. A local attorney who focuses on tractor-trailer accidents could analyze the cause of a side-impact crash and help injured parties obtain compensation.

Recoverable Damages After a T-Bone Truck Accident in Bluffton

The extensive medical care needed to recover from a T-bone accident could leave victims with large hospital bills. By filing a personal injury claim, injured parties could receive compensation for their losses. The state recognizes three types of damages—general, special, and punitive.

What is the Difference Between General and Special Damages?

General damages account for non-economic harm resulting from the accident, such as emotional distress, inconvenience, disfigurement, and pain and suffering. Economic, or special damages, reimburse the victim for expenses, such as medical treatments, therapy sessions, vehicle damage or replacement, and lost income. If the accident was fatal, the family of the deceased might be able to recover economic damages for funeral expenses.

What are Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages serve to punish the negligent party for particularly egregious or deliberate behavior. Under South Carolina Code Annotated § 15-32-530, there are statutory caps on the amount of punitive damages recoverable in a lawsuit. A nearby lawyer familiar with T-bone truck accidents could help injured parties calculate their losses.

Impact of Comparative Negligence on Compensation

South Carolina follows the theory of comparative negligence, which states that a victim who is partially liable for an accident may receive only a percentage of the damages award available to them. For example, a victim who bears 15 percent of the fault for an accident may recover only 85 percent of the total awarded damages.

According to S.C. Code Ann. § 15-1-300, an injured person who is more than 50 percent liable may not recover any compensation. Working with an attorney could improve a victim’s chance of obtaining compensation after a broadside collision with a truck.

An Attorney Could Handle Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Bluffton

After suffering injuries from a side-impact truck accident in Bluffton, you may need support in many areas of your life. Our team of lawyers could provide you with the guidance you need to navigate the legal system effectively. Call us today to learn what we could do for you.

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