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More than three million Americans live in nursing homes, and according to some reports, as many as one-third of those residents have reported incidents of abuse. Nursing home residents are vulnerable and deserve to live without fear of harm. When an injury does happen, it is essential to hold the facility accountable and prevent others from suffering similar treatment in the future.

If you believe your loved one was physically abused in a senior care facility, you should consider seeking help from a dedicated nursing home abuse attorney. A Rock Hill nursing home physical abuse lawyer could fight for justice on behalf of the victim.

Types of Nursing Home Physical Abuse

Physical abuse in a nursing home can take many forms. While some forms of abuse are essentially assault or battery crimes, other forms can include unnecessary restraints or neglect.

Intentional Abuse

The most obvious form of physical abuse is physical assault. Actions like punching, slapping, kicking, or choking are all examples of intentional abuse. The entire purpose of these actions is injuring the resident.

Improper Restraint

While restraints are occasionally needed in nursing homes, federal regulations bar their unnecessary use. While less obvious than intentional harm, the misuse of restraints is a form of elder abuse when used for the convenience of a caregiver or left on for too long. Overuse of restraints can cause muscle atrophy, bed sores, and other serious health consequences.


While neglect is often unintentional, the effects of this treatment are still harmful. In many cases, neglect occurs due to staffing issues or other administrative problems within the facility. Regardless of the cause, neglect can cause a physical and emotional harm to residents. Common signs of neglect include dehydration, lack of appetite, or rapid weight loss.

Potential Abusers in Elder Care Facilities

The circumstances surrounding physical abuse in a nursing home can vary. In many cases, identifying the abuser can present a challenge. An experienced Rock Hill nursing home abuse attorney may be able to assist with identifying the perpetrator responsible for physical abuse.


In many cases of abuse, the caregivers charged with looking out for patient are responsible for abusing them. In some cases, a frustrated or overwhelmed caregiver may lash out, injuring a patient. Other forms of physical abuse can stem from poor training or understaffing. In these cases, a Rock Hill nursing home physical abuse attorney may recommend filing suit against both the caregiver and the facility.

Family Members

Unfortunately, visiting family members are a common source of nursing home abuse. Relationships can be complicated, and prior grudges can manifest into abuse. These situations are particularly likely in facilities that lack the staff needed to oversee patients adequately.

Other Residents

A surprising number of abuse cases in nursing homes stem from an assault by another resident. Some elderly residents suffer from medical issues that can lead to erratic behavior or even violence. Abuse from other residents is common when family or caregivers are absent.

Contact a Rock Hill Nursing Home Physical Abuse Attorney

A Rock Hill nursing home physical abuse lawyer may be able to push the facility to accept responsibility and make amends. An attorney could sit down with the facility owner or their insurance provider in an attempt to resolve the case. When settlement is not possible, an attorney could help craft the most persuasive case possible. From investigation to trial, a seasoned lawyer can be an invaluable resource. Call Schiller & Hamilton today to learn how an attorney could help.

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