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Today’s pharmacies are a volume business. They push their workers to fill out prescriptions as fast as possible to keep the flow of business moving. But when preventable errors occur, it’s the consumers who suffer — sometimes severely. At Schiller & Hamilton, we help people who have been injured or fallen ill due to prescription medication errors. We have the necessary knowledge and experience in this area of law to seek full and fair compensation for the damages you face.

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Have You Been Harmed by a Faulty Prescription?

At the Schiller & Hamilton, we help people who have been harmed by medication errors, and who have lost loved ones due to prescription drug negligence. We handle a wide range of prescription medication liability issues, including cases involving:

  • Drug interactions
  • Side effects
  • Overdoses
  • Medicine misuse
  • Manufacturing errors

It is often the communication between the doctor and the pharmacist that causes the prescription medication error. Attorney Bennett J. Schiller III and our dedicated team have handled numerous prescription drug liability cases and know where to search for information pointing to liability. We have access to experts in the field of medicine and pharmacology to help us research these cases and build convincing cases for our clients.

We will work to determine whether a prescription drug injury was caused by careless mistakes made by pharmacists and technicians. Maybe the cause was a prescription misfill or improper instructions on the bottle itself. Often times, your pharmacist is the only medical professional who knows all the medications you are taking. It should be his or her responsibility to alert you or your doctor of any potential medical complications that could result from your medications.

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If you have been injured or fallen ill due to a prescription medication error, a Rock Hill prescription drug liability lawyer could work tirelessly to pursue compensation for the damages you face. Contact us today to speak with an experienced Rock Hill personal injury lawyer.

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