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If you suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to the carelessness or recklessness of another person, you could be entitled to compensation for your injury. However, personal injury claims are subject to strict filing deadlines. Rather than allowing any delays to jeopardize your ability to recover damages, you may want to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

With the help of a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney, you could seek compensation for all of the losses stemming from your injury. Contact a Rock Hill traumatic brain injury lawyer to discuss the merits of your claim.

Liability in a Rock Hill TBI Case

There are many types of incidents from which a TBI claim may arise, including motor vehicle collisions, trips and falls, and bike crashes. In many cases, a person or company’s negligent actions are responsible for causing the traumatic brain injury.

If a person or company owed a duty of care to the victim and breached that duty, the injured person could have grounds for a personal injury claim. Some TBI cases involve more than one liable party, and it is important to properly identify everyone who may be liable for damages. A skilled lawyer in Rock Hill could provide assistance in identifying the proper parties and gathering evidence to support the traumatic brain injury claim. Accident reports, witness statements, and photographs can help to demonstrate that a person or company is responsible for compensating the victim

Recoverable Damages and Shared Fault in a Head Trauma Claim

An individual who suffered a TBI due to another party’s negligence could be entitled to recover both economic and non-economic damages. It is common for injury victims to seek compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering

In some cases, the defendant may argue that the victim contributed to their own injuries. If a party raises an argument of comparative fault, it could affect the injured individual’s financial recovery.

In South Carolina, an injury victim’s recoverable compensation would be reduced by their percentage of fault for the accident. If the victim was more responsible for the accident than the defendant, they may be completely barred from recovering damages. Consultation with a TBI attorney in the area could help an injured party prepare for arguments of comparative fault.

Call a Rock Hill Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

After a severe brain injury, you may be wondering how to move on with your life. You could have expensive medical bills, lasting pain and suffering, or you may be permanently disabled. Fortunately, you may be eligible for compensation for your losses, and you do not have to handle the details of your personal injury claim on your own. Contact a Rock Hill traumatic brain injury lawyer at Schiller & Hamilton to discuss your case.

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